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This Week At West Wind:

Weekly events - new pizza trays

We milled some round pizza serving trays for a brand new restaurant opening in Los Angeles. 20 of these finished trays left our warehouse this week and are bound to wow patrons sure enough! Have a need for a pizza server? Order Now!

round pizza trays round pizza trays

Cordova Men’s Club Tour

We had the pleasure of giving a tour of our facility to the Cordova Men’s Club. We love showing what we do here to fellow wood enthusiasts! They are welcome back any time.

DSC_5189 DSC_5190



  1. Im looking for wooden pizza servers. I need 12″ and 16″ sizes and probably 2 dozen of each. What are the prices on these?

    1. Hi Kelly, sure thing! I have forward it to our estimator for these jobs. He usually includes delivery in the cost, please let me know where in Australia you are located.

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