Customer Projects Vol: 55 - West Wind Hardwood

Herbert the Boat by Eric Letham


Herbert is a Sam Devlin designed Candlefish 16 built out of Joubert marine mahogany using the stitch and glue method. Powered by a 20 horse outboard, it moves along nicely with two to three adults and a load of camping and fishing gear. The boat calls Shuswap Lake home, but has spent some time on the Pacific as well, chasing salmon and scenery.

Cherry Table by David Lye

cherry and maple table by David Lye

This Cherry and Maple table was built by David Lye as a gift for his sister-in-law.

Yew Table by Peter Hinton

yew jatoba table side

A Yew and Jatoba dining room table and a sliding door cabinet all done by Peter Hinton.

Bamboo Table by Bill Thomson

bamboo table Bill Thomson

Bill Thomson made this table from 1 1/2 inch vertical grain bamboo. The cool part is the dark center which is crushed chestnut shells.

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