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The following tips were curated by us from the lovely Meredith at insockmonkeyslippers.com her site has some great recipes as well!

  1. VARIETY OF CURED MEATS AND SALAMI; 3 or more selections. Keep the cured meats sliced very thin and the sausages and salami either sliced thin or cubed. Figure on serving 3 slices of each variety for each person.
  • CURED MEATS – Try Coppa (cured pork shoulder), Jamon Serrano (Spanish ham), Prosciutto (Italian ham), Mocetta (cured beef tenderloin).
  • SAUSAGES/SALAMI – Try Spanish Dry Chorizo, or a dry-cured Finochietta or Casalingo.
  1. PATÉ – A paté is a mixture of cooked ground meat with additions like vegetables, truffles and nuts, minced into a creamy spreadable paste. It’s not a must-have on a board but it brings a different flavor and texture; and can be purchased by the slice, making it extremely affordable. Spread on water crackers or thinly sliced rye bread.
  2. SOMETHING PICKLED – Pickled vegetables are a fantastic pairing with meats. Have at least one selection. Try gherkins (tiny pickles), pickled red onions, pickled okra, olives or pickled mushrooms. A pickled something is a must! Our favourite………eggplant!
  3. SPREADS – A selection of sweet and savory spreads pair great on a cracker with a slice of cured meat or sausage. Try a fruit preserve or chutney for sweet and rustic stone ground mustard for the savory. Looks mighty fine served in a country-style ramekin with a small spoon or knife for serving.
  4. BREAD and CRACKERS – A selection of crackers and bread such as rustic baguette slices are a welcome sight to any board. A healthful, yet tasty selection would be rye bread.

HOW TO SERVE: Serve everything already sliced on one board. If you don’t have room for the bread and crackers, serve on the side.  A basket or side plate works just fine.


BEER AND WINE PAIRINGS: Almost everything pairs with cured meats — that’s the great thing about serving a charcuterie board.


  • White wines: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco or Champagne. Bubbles will pair with everything!
  • Red wines: Cotes-du-Rhone, Barbera, Beaujolais
  • Beer: Saison, Farmhouse, Pale Ale, Czech or Bohemian Pilsner, Vienna Lager. Better yet, try a batch of your local brew-pub’s finest.

Most importantly, keep it to your liking and don’t stress. Be as adventurous or as conventional as you wish. Don’t forget the importance of presentation. Try one of our live-edge charcuterie boards.

charcuterie board live edge

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