West Wind's Epic Corporate Camp-Out! - West Wind Hardwood

20140629_095432Galiano Island, Montague Harbour

Every year we brave the weather (however wet it may be) and spend two glorious days camping, boating, fishing, relaxing & eating… Good times were had and oh boy were we well fed!

DSC_3762 DSC_3763DSC_3757 DSC_3764DSC_3759 DSC_3771DSC_3738

One of the many highlights was playing the ancient Viking game “Kubb” with wood blocks and dowels. All we can say it was super fun and there could be a “West Wind” version in the future or better yet: the West Wind Championship Team (yeah we we’re that good!), Sweden here we come!

IMG_2182DSC_3786 IMG_2174DSC_3785



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