UBC Robotic Sailboat "Sailbot" Sponsorship - West Wind Hardwood

We were approached to sponsor this unique boating project at UBC with some product. Dave Tiessen, Mechanical Team Lead, gave us some insight and what they want to accomplish.

UBC Sailbot is one of the most successful of UBC Engineering’s student teams. They are three time winners of the International Robotic Sailing Regatta, who are now attempting a greater feat, a challenge called “The MicroTransat”.

“The competition entails sailing an autonomous sailboat across the Atlantic completely unassisted. So far no one has succeeded in this challenge. We plan to be the first.” Says Dave.

The team has made smaller boats (2 metres in length) in the past and were made completely of carbon fibre. This time, however, the team has opted to go a different route.

“We are looking at a larger 5 m design. We are planning to build that in the cold moulded style, hence the need for marine plywood.” He supplied us a photo of the plans, but we’ll keep that hush hush for now!

Dave promises to keep us in the loop with their progress and we will follow the journey with you in our blog and newsletter. We wish them the best of luck with the build!

For more information on the project visit these sites:



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