November Customer Projects - West Wind Hardwood

This month we are showcasing the work of Ron David who did the interior woodwork of a 1927 Cadillac and our customer David who used our Oli-Natura finishes on the floor of his Sun Peaks cabin.

Ron David says this about his project:

I just finished a job I was given to do on some of the interior woodwork of a 1927 Caddie. 1st was the dash instrument panel that was missing most of its walnut veneer and he couldn’t find anyone to do it, so I got the challenge. The 1st pic is of the bare nickel plated insert and the next 2 completed.

This next piece came in 3 pieces and was totally missing the burl veneer inside the stringing and missing a backing piece of 1/16″ veneer.

Repaired it all, put in the burl veneer and applied all new stringing.

Next are the 4 pieces that go on the doors. The 2 on the front doors had just been upholstered and he wanted them to look like the other 2 which were done in walnut also. Only the 2 in the back were thrashed and the only thing that I could save was the figured walnut pieces inside of the stringing. The crossbanding veneer or base veneer for the top stuff was also shot so had to separate that from the top layer to. Then started to put it all back together

It was a pretty good challenge to get it all put back together.

Thanks Ron! If you like his work as much as we do you can contact him at rdavid.woodwrkr(at)


What can I say?  The floor looks fantastic.  Three coats of Oli-Natura. – David

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