Jan's Day Off: 'Dulwen' Gets a Makeover - West Wind Hardwood

Jan & Shelley’s 1957 Ed Monk custom power cruiser built by Philbrook’s Boat Yard; at that time located in Victoria.  Living her first 55 years of life as a sleek 32’ in length; she now offers 35’ of zoom, zoom, zoom.

With Shelley’s approval, “Dulwen” got a makeover – cold moulding  2 layers of Edge Grain Red Cedar 1/4″ veneer x 6″  with epoxy glue to the bottom side and up to the top of the boot line!  Back in the water, she floated 2″ higher, gained almost 2 knots at the same RPM and generated a 20% fuel saving by lengthening the hull. And when under way,  no longer needed the assist of the swim tabs to balance the hull.

Check out the photos to see a visual of how it was done. If anyone is thinking about doing this to their boat, I would be happy to answer any questions.

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