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Written by guest poster, Danielle McAnn.

customer David Laidlaw's abundant firewood shed

Firewood isn’t just a matter of throwing anything flammable into a grate. Firewood is delicate matter, and if you’re going to set a fire, you need to get it right. Having a fire indoors indoors in winter or an outdoor bonfire in summer is a beautiful thing, not to mention the pleasure of a woodfire pizza oven, there is no comparable tasting pizza to one that has spent just sixty seconds in a hot pizza oven. Depending on where you are, and if it’s permitted, firewood is great for campfires too. So, first thing you’ll need to do is get your firewood right. Instead of thinking of everything that you can’t use as firewood, here’s a really short list of wood that can be burnt for a fire; dry and aged wood, wood that was felled some time ago, and wood that has never been treated or processed. It is poisonous, and the smoke it produces will be toxic. Green and young wood will smoke and give off very little heat. A good way to test and see if wood is good for burning is by bending it. If it cracks, it will burn well. If it bends, it’s too young and springy.

Kindling is also a very important part of laying any fire, it’s like the connector for any fire, to get it stared and keep it going. Remember, burning wood has a big impact on the environment. Make sure you do everything properly and responsibly when setting your fire!

– photo provided by David Laidlaw

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  1. I thought my Dad was the only cruel person that did this. He is obsessed with his chainsaw and cuts anything down he can find. Usually he cuts it up and then makes me carry the wood into the house. We have a lot of fires in the fireplace, but man do I hate carrying wood. Good move

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