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Thank you to everyone you filled out our survey. It was a pleasure reading all your comments, so thank you for making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the $50 Starbucks Gift Card is Wayne Phillips pictured here with Shelley having a laugh.

Some Survey Highlights:

“I have been a customer for 30 years.When I first bought wood at your old locale I picked through the woodpile to find the very best pieces and was given the eye by the father of the company and was warned to pile everything back the way it was.I think it was all on fun though.So it was an introduction from me that I wanted only the best. Through the years I have always been given the finest of service and am very comfortable dealing with Jan , Lars, and Shelly and all the other new comers. Thank you folks ,you’re a fine bunch and will continue to visit you for a very long time.”

“In my mind it is important to be able to support other small businesses in our community. I have really appreciated the customer service that I received. The only downside is distance from Victoria, but it is worth the journey.”

“I always look forward to coming to your store. Friendly , happy, knowledgeable, always there to listen and find the best solution.”

“Thank you for the exceptional service you continue to deliver for my woodworking students. West Wind is my supplier of choice!”

“always have great yellow cedar for me, always enjoy the selection and accommodations of my requests to cut and plain for me, really appreciate it.”

“Great place. It is considered a victory of sorts if I get out without overspending my budget (of which I have none though my wife thinks I have one).”

“I unfortunately have never been to your store my experience with you is all online. I needed some special wood for my boat and your store kept coming up so I tried it and was quite impressed with the service. I still get your e mail every month and look forward to reading some of your stories. I think you guys are on the right track good going”

“I buy all my wood from West Wind as your prices and service is second to none”

“Family businesses are always the best for customer service and just a great atmosphere to shop in. You folks know your customers well and that will keep them coming back.”

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