Sculptures by Tim Motchman - West Wind Hardwood

Tim was kind enough to give us photos of several of his beautiful sculptures. He describes him and his art as such:

I am a self taught woodcarver living in the small, beautiful village of Sointula on an island off North Vancouver Island.  My work is an expression of a my love and fascination of the coastal world around me.  I take great joy in my art and in particular the constant learning.  I feel as if I have been constantly learning since I started carving 29 years ago with a swiss army knife sitting on a beach while cruising the coast by kayak.  I have always pursued my art as a way of making an income as a means of living in this remote part of the coast.  I work primarily in yellow cedar which I can obtain locally, I also use red cedar, yew wood, maple, alder and black walnut.

Here’s a bit more detail on each piece:

1. “Affection” was carved of one piece of yellow cedar and then painted with acrylic paint.  The carving measures 48″ long by 20″ high by 4″ thick.

2. “Leap of Faith”  22” in diameter by 3” thick.  Red cedar wave and yellow cedar dolphin.

3. “Celebration” humpback whales and dolphins was carved out of one piece of yellow cedar measuring 72” long by 24” high by 3” thick.

4. “Soaring” is 82” wingtip to wingtip (life size) 32” from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail, and 10” thick.  The wings and body were carved from one piece of red cedar, the head, tail and talons were carved on yellow cedar and laminated to the body during the carving process.  The carving is suspended from the ceiling and spins slowly in the air currents in its home in Maui.

The last 3 photos are taken by Jan & Shelley of Tim’s work at the Nimmo Bay Resort.

Contact Tim Motchman through his website:

You can find a list of all our available carving woods. Happy carving!

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