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By our customer and Victoria High Teacher, Stewart Wheeler

Victoria High School’s woodworking and construction program starts at the grade 9 level and gives student’s the opportunity to take up to 7 different courses by the time they graduate. In grade 9 students do a simple table -600mm long by 285mm wide by 440mm high out of pine or another inexpensive wood. They will also build a giftbox using a choice of different woods. In grade 10, students will do a detailed display table that introduces a variety of wood joints and techniques – biscuited mitres, mortise and tenon, pocket holes, dados, rabbets, cross laps. They will also be introduced to turning on the wood lathes by producing a simple bowl. The last required project is a box of their selection out of a “Box by Box” book from Lee Valley which has a range of boxes that vary in difficulty.

In grade 11 students further  develop their skils by building a bow front pine table with a dovetailed drawer. Also in grade 11 students are introduced to house construction through small framing projects and client projects such as sheds or playhouses. n grade 12 students can specialize by taking courses in Furniture Construction – student choice projects, Cabinet Construction – (Tall Clock Project), and Residential House Construction – formwork and framing.

Students who choose 4 or more courses over their grade 10-12 years are offered the opportunity to sign up for the Career Preparation Carpentry/Joinery Program where they receive further funding for specialized projects and the opportunity to do work experience out in the community with various companies.

Students who excel in the Career Preparation Program are offered the opportunity to do their first year apprenticeship technical training in either Carpentry or Cabinetmaking/Joinery up at Camosun College during their final high school year.The tuition is covered by the district and students will by registered as apprentices through the ITA – Industry Training Authority.

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