Machinery from Toads Landing - West Wind Hardwood

As mentioned in our May (#34) Newsletter, Bill Garden, Naval Architect extraordinaire passed away on April 29th at the age of 92. His island, fondly known as Toad’s Landing, has since been placed on the real estate market and his possessions disbursed per his wishes. Jan was the fortunate beneficiary of his larger (turn-of-the-century) woodworking machinery. Some pieces were already in place when Bill purchased the island. The island, actually known as Johnson Islet, was purportedly owned by homesteader and renown local pioneer, W. Newell Copeland.

For the time being, they rest safely at West Wind Hardwood; eventually Jan would like to create a static display for interested people.

See the journey from Bill’s Island to West Wind:

[simpleviewer gallery_id=”8″]


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