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Shipping needs to be organized. Now what?

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We ship lumber, plywood, wood flooring and related wood products throughout the United States, Canada and beyond. We use well-respected “LTL” – Less Than Truckload carriers. We use them to get you the lowest possible freight rate. These low rates are based on the products you purchase (weight and dimension), and delivery destination. Quoted prices are subject to availability; and shipping rates are held for 30 days. These companies do have certain terms that you need to be aware of. The following are some of these terms and conditions:

However there are times when the freight can exceed the cost of the goods – especially heading to the USA and internationally.

The Journey

You can choose to have your order delivered to your home, a business, or you can pick it up at a pre-determined freight depot closest to your geographical address. There is a residential drop-off surcharge; this includes jobsites for homes under construction.

You need to have someone at the delivery location to help unload the order. Deliveries are ‘curb side’. The drivers will not bring the material into your home. Any additional services, such as two-man delivery, inside delivery, lift-gate trucks, or pallet jacks are not included in the shipping charge. If you require assistance, please contact our office.

The freight carrier can be requested to contact you prior to delivery. Please make that arrangement while placing your order. Initially, the freight company will give you an estimated date of delivery. As the delivery reaches its final stages, delivery dates can be confirmed.

We make it simple for you to work within these terms. We provide you with the tracking number and a terminal telephone number or web link in order for you to track your order and schedule a delivery day and time that will be convenient for you.

International Shipping

We ship from our Sidney, BC Canada warehouse to the United States and overseas (small quantities only, no container loads).

While West Wind Hardwood can source top quality products and are happy to courier & freight to our US and International customers, sometimes shipping will exceed the actual cost of the goods ordered & is not the best choice for our customers.

SOFTWOODS – to United States (Nov. 2019)

Surprisingly, the US and Canada have been at ‘war’ over softwood lumber since the early 1900’s. For the past 15-years, there have been various sanctions imposed by the US Government but these past 2-years have been quite onerous.  West Wind Hardwood has taken a serious look at the economic impact on our company, and have come to the conclusion we can no longer carry the financial burden imposed by the surety companies requiring multiplying Letters of Credit from our Bank.

This decision has been a difficult one for West Wind Hardwood as we’ve been in the boat lumber business since 1980.  To step back from what we consider a passion, is devastating.

As well as hardwoods and exotics, we will continue to sell quality softwood lumber/timbers and produce value-added softwood products.  We will continue to export from Canada with the exception of solid softwood lumber/boat timbers and solid softwood flooring and mouldings into the US.  Should the US Government accept our many trade wins with the WTO – World Trade Organization, we will be waiting.

PLYWOOD – Small Quantities (3 sheets or less)

If you are ordering plywood to be shipped to the States or Internationally, please be advised we can only ship in a cost effective way IF we can cut the plywood into a more manageable size for shipping.

We have found that it is far too expensive for some of our customers in the UNITED STATES & INTERNATIONALLY to have FULL PLYWOOD SHEETS shipped to them and sometimes we must simply recommend our customers source the materials closer to home, for cost saving purposes.

HARDWOODS & OTHER PRODUCTS (Under 150 lbs or Low Value Commodity-type Products)

We use UPS and the Postal Service to ship our smaller wood products.  If you would like to estimate if it’s worth your while ordering from us here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada – please visit the following sites, pop in our address freighting to your address and they can give you an estimate of how much freight will cost you.  We can help you determine size and weight.

UPS FREIGHT – Calculate Time/Cost

When shipping under these carrier services (courier and post) ALL DUTIES, TAXES AND FEES incurred from border crossing are the responsibility of the customer (receiver). Unless the order is damaged or lost in transit, once it has left our facility the shipping charges are final.

Shipping charges for returning goods are the responsibility of the customer, please review our return policy for more information. If you are waiting for a shipment and have not received a tracking number, please reach out to us immediately.

Only the standard $100 value of insurance is included for most shipments. If your order is of high value or delicate nature (excluding oils) we will add extra insurance to your rate if we determine it is needed. Please inform us right away if your order is damaged or you believe it is lost, and we will work with the carrier to solve the problem.


Our shipping address is:


While we strive to offer the best prices we can, taking into account these handy freight tips can save you both time & money!

If you have any freight-related questions you can email and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Taking Delivery

Whoever has been designated to accept the delivery, must be prepared to inspect it and ensure that all is received in good order. If you are not going to be the one accepting the order, you must ensure that the person signing the order is capable of doing so. You should not sign the paperwork and let the driver leave until the order has been thoroughly inspected. If there is any damaged or missing material, it must be noted on the paperwork in order for us to issue replacement material to you and initiate a claim with the freight company. We are referring to damage by the trucking company, not manufacturer defects. If there is any damaged material, we will immediately reship your replacement for this material, as long as it was noted in the paperwork. AND PLEASE CALL THIS OFFICE IMMEDIATELY AT 1-800-667-2275, 250-656-0848 or Email Us

Storing the Lumber

Proper handling and storage of the lumber upon arrival will help protect the appearance and control moisture content.  Depending on the moisture content of the wood and that within the air, wood can absorb or loose moisture.  Rapid or uneven moisture change can result in warping, staining and possible shrinkage.  Lumber should never be stored n the ground.  It should always be covered; lumber wrap works nicely.  Kiln dried lumber should be kept out of the rain and indoors.  Interior products should be given time to acclimatize; minimum one week.  Sticker the wood to allow air to circulate around and through the pile.

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