Our Guarantee - West Wind Hardwood

Our Promise to Our Customer

West Wind Hardwood Inc. guarantees that all our wood is carefully sourced and selected, and we certify that our products conform to the standards represented by Canadian Lumber Standards regarding species, moisture content, quality and grade. West Wind Hardwood will replace any specific pieces that fail to meet these standards, free of charge to the customer.

There are no returns on custom orders. Orders should be carefully inspected upon receipt for quantity, quality, damage, defect, suitability, dryness and all other normal considerations. It is the customer’s responsibility to identify pieces that are unacceptable for any reason. However, every effort will be made to solve problems in advance and defective product should NEVER be used. We strive to avoid problems at all times. Please refer to our Shipping Info Details on taking receipt of goods delivered by commercial carriers.

Talk With Us. We strive for an honest, open relationship and to that end, we are always available for consultation.