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Kiln Dried Douglas Fir Timbers

For ages, the finest builders, carpenters and craftsman alike have relied on Douglas Fir for its superior strength, exceptional work-ability and overall attractive appearance. Our Kiln Dried Timbers are dried and handled with the same care and attention to quality as all our specialty products.

Our timbers are subject to:

  • Long, customized drying cycles to increase stability, reduce checking and maximize equalization.
  • Superior surfacing quality
  • Certified grading, HT and KD certification

Superior Strength of Douglas Fir

Pound for pound Douglas Fir is one of the strongest woods in the world. It is an ideal choice aesthetically and structurally demanding applications.

Douglas Fir 1950(MOE)
Hemlock 1630(MOE)
S. Yellow Pine 1880(MOE)
Redwood 1770(MOE)
Western Red Cedar 1110(MOE)
strength of douglas-fir

#1 FOHC App. Grade Timber Frame


#1 FOHC App. Grade Timber Truss

Clear Timber Ceiling


Available Sizes, Grades and Services

  • 3×4 through 3×14
  • 4×4 through 4×18
  • 6×6 through 6×20
  • 8×8 through 8×20
  • 10×10 through 10×20
  • 12×12 through 12×20
  • 14×14
  • Lengths from 8-24’ **
  • #1 Structural FOHC Graded for App.
  • Select Structural FOHC Graded for App.
  • C&Btr – in 4” & 6” up to 12” wide.
  • Piece and Unit quantity orders
  • Every unit paper wrapped for maximum protection!


** additional sizes, lengths and services available upon request

Don't Forget About Dowels

We carry a variety of species & diameters.

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