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Softwood Lumber

The term softwood has nothing to do with the actual hardness/softness of the wood. They are one of the botanical groups of trees that, in most cases, have needlelike or scale like growths rather than broad leaves.  These trees are known as conifers.

West Wind Hardwood’s softwood inventory is almost exclusively high end lumber and timber products. Our primary objective is both appearance and serviceability. Clear vertical grain is our specialty, however, we handle select tight knot material and have a limited stock of lower grade material. We supply custom lumber and timbers for yachts, canoes & kayaks and houses of all types. We offer a selection of cuts:  vertical or edge grain, merchant quality and appearance grade in boards, dimensional lumber and timbers. Duplicating millwork and flooring for historical homes is just one example of the kind of project we welcome. Delivering quality lumber every time, ensuring your satisfaction is our guarantee. We invite you to browse our selection of softwood species below.

Our Selection of Softwoods

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