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RIGA® Brand Baltic Birch Plywood

Film Face & Melamine Overlaid Baltic Birch Panels

Baltic Birch (or Russian Birch) plywood is uniquely manufactured plywood consisting of multiple ply layers of Birch veneer per sheet. Each layer of birch veneer is peeled at 1.3mm or 1.5mm thickness giving the panel a multi-ply edge that is aesthetically attractive and offers unparalleled strength and stability. This plywood type offers a virtually void-free construction offering you great machinability and tremendous screw holding strength when compared to other ply substrates. Baltic Birch plywood from Russia was historically available only in 5ft x5ft panel formats; today Russia has expanded production to include other formats, such as 4ft x 8ft for our North American market.

New! Wire Mesh Textured Non-Slip Birch Plywood

Film Face overlaid Baltic Birch panels with functional textures are designed for a multitude of applications. To name a few, commercial truck box interiors, truck floors, shed floors, movie sets & stages, recreation areas, concrete forming and the list goes on.

See more below on the line of RIGA® brand and other alternative wire mesh textured products and contact us to order the one most suitable for your needs!

Our Specialty Baltic Birch Plywoods


Durable, Anti-Slip, Wire Mesh Surfaced Plywood

RIGA® Heksa Plus

Durable Pattern Imprinted Surfaced Plywood

RIGA® Form

Plywood With a phenol film or with UV resistant film

KoskiPly Economy

Thin Birch Plywood, Made With Birch Veneer Core

Interior Panel Sizes:

  • 2400MM X 1200MM X 17.5MM
  • 1200 X 1200MM X 17.5MM
  • 600MM X 600MM X 15MM
  • 1200MM X 600MM X 15MM


Exterior Panel Sizes

  • 2400MM X 1200MM X 20MM
  • 1200MM X 1200MM X 20MM

The Silva Panel™

Engineered, edge-glued single & three ply panels. 100% Coastal Western Red Cedar.


The Silva Panel™ is engineered for exterior cladding, fascia, garage doors, and other high moisture applications. Solid 3-ply panels are edge-glued, cross-laminated and face glued for extreme environments. For exterior applications, panels are supplied with Vertical Grain Face lamellas.

The Western Red Cedar Silva PanelTM cladding panels are the attachment of an outer skin of rear-ventilated engineered facades to a new or existing building.

The Silva PanelTM system is a form of double-wall construction that uses an outer layer to keep out the rain and an inner layer to provide thermal insulation, prevents excessive air leakage and carries wind loading. The outer layer breathes like skin while the inner layer reduces energy losses.


The solid, single-ply 15mm panels or the 3-ply 20mm panels can be used effectively for interior applications. Both panels use water-proof glues approved by the European Union and Japanese standards.

A niche market for the single-ply panels has been in ceiling tiles, however, the major use will be in wall panelling where it has a price advantage and greater stability over traditional lumber profiles such as tongue and groove.

The major advantage is the ease of installation and zero wastage on the job site. Contact us for a price quote.