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All plywood supplied conforms to grade standards of the Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association (HPVA) as outlined by the American National Standards Institute, and the International Hardwood Product Association (IHPA) standards.  ANSI/HPVA defines hardwood plywood as “a panel composed of an assembly of layers or plies of veneer or veneers in combination with lumber core, particleboard core, MDF core, hardboard core, or of a special core material joined with an adhesive. Except for special constructions, the grain of alternate plies is at right angles and the face veneer is a hardwood species.”

As the demand for plywood and panel products grows, West Wind Hardwood remains committed to stocking only select materials from the best mills in the world. We are now stocking prefinished plywood (This finish is ultra-violet cured and is as ‘tough as nails’).

We supply yacht and pleasure craft manufacturers, restorers and boat aficionados locally and throughout North America with high quality marine grade plywood. We stock a range of marine plywood for the boating industry including Lloyd’s of London-rated European and Asian multi-layered occume and meranti marine plywood.

All grades and species can be custom ordered in full lift lots.  Whatever your project requires, we can help you.

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