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Oli-Natura Oils and Waxes

High demand for oil-treated wood is hardly surprising. Wood surfaces finished with oil waxes rank highly with consumers because oil and wax enhances the wood’s innate beauty and highlights its natural grain. Its warmth and authenticity creates a pleasing, calm ambiance. OLI-NATURA naturally meets these demands.

We were looking for wood finishes that supports both our customers’ involvement with wood; whether boating building, cabinet making or home decorating, and our commitment to the environment. We found a match with Oli-Lacke’s Oli-Natura product line which boasts a line of products to suit a variety of finishing needs; from interior to exterior protection.

Oli-Lacke has a long, successful history in the European market. They have been protecting and finishing wood for over 100 years. West Wind Hardwood is proud to bring the Oli-Natura brand of environmentally friendly finishes and maintenance products to North America.

We encourage you to take the next step. Experience the quality of a naturally superior product. Ensure that all your wood projects, whether a boat or outdoor decking, furniture or interior floors, are well protected, looking good and remaining healthy.

  • oli-natura hard wax oil
Environmentally Friendly
Made largely from renewable resources: natural vegetable oils and nature related raw materials. Low VOC and Free of formaldehyde and aromatics. Does not contain biocidic substances or preservatives.
Resistant to saliva and sweat; Child Safe for Toys.
Highly productive; only one to two applications are necessary.
Breathable and moisture-regulating; producing a healthy environment
Visually Appealing
Colour intensifies to showcase the wood’s natural beauty
Does not give that “fake plastic look”
Suitable for nearly all wood types
User friendly for easy application, by machine or by hand
Quick drying time (6- 8 hours)
Impregnates deep into wood fibre for great protection
Suitable for both commercial and residential areas
Skid resistant & Water resistant
Easy to Care
Easily to repair or touch-up high traffic areas.
Clean by sweeping, by vacuuming or by using a damp mop.

Oli-Natura Floor Finishes

Products suitable for use on all types of wood floors.

Hard Wax Oil (20-30 min dry time)

Hard Wax Oil on Furniture

Oli-Natura Finishes

Products suitable for use on all types of wood surfaces including outdoor and interior furniture.

Oli-Natura Care Products

Products suitable for regular maintenance & care of oiled surfaces.

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