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Out of the woods and into your home. Remove the boundaries and let the wild in. Find inspiration. Fulfill a dream. Wood never goes out of fashion.

Many are custom hand-crafted in our wood shop as we balance traditional woodworking methods with the new.

Invite nature to take a little step closer

Flooring and Stair Treads

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Floor coverings for any living space – indoor or outdoor – should make a statement. Consider the furniture, the spatial layout and functionality. Every detail – tactile and visual – makes an impact. Let the outside in with natural wood floors.

We offer custom wide plank flooring and brand-name flooring; unfinished and pre-finished; solid and engineered. We supply the complete package for a wood floor, including stair treads and risers. Check out our German-made natural wood finishes for your floor. Let your floor glow.

Countertops & Tabletops

Accentuate your home with a fabulous custom countertop.

Whether a serviceable butcher-block style for daily use or an elegant accent, we can mill anything to your exact specifications. As tables can be a functional design statement, so can wood countertops because of their durability in both wear and style. Consider them both a fine piece of furniture. Wood is timeless and beautiful.

We offer custom butcher-block or plank-style, end grain and live-edge; finished with food-safe natural oil finishes.

Waterfall edge counters and table tops emerged as a popular style in the early 70’s. It is now regarded as a classic look amongst designers. This requires precision joinery. We pride ourselves in our old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail. Remember……..wood is our passion.


Outdoor & Rooftop Decking

Whether you’re building a new deck, or replacing an old one, wood is the original and still the most common decking choice. A natural, strong choice; easy to install and feels good under bare feet.

West Wind carries a variety of durable and superior outdoor woods including the exotic Ipe and Batu. They are ideal for patios, decks, walkways and rooftops.

Strong beyond comparison – Explore the options. This will add value, character and dimension to your home.

Even though these woods naturally weather to a silvery grey – consider the marine decks of old – there are finishing options. Ask us. We offer all the support necessary for a successful installation of both traditional strip decking and tiles.

More Great Ideas For Your Home


Create a statement with a wood fireplace mantel. Whether you are remodeling, replacing or involved with a new construction project, West Wind offers styles to compliment either the modern living space or rustic country home.

We have a variety of species on hand and available for order. We can also custom cut to size and finish the surface. We are happy to work with your size requirements. Tell us what you need for a brilliant, warm living space! Consider a unique live-edge slab for your fireplace mantel, or perhaps a hand-hewn beam. They provide an artesian look that cannot be replicated.

Moudings & Frames

Add style to your décor through creative use of our beautiful mouldings. Whether plate rails, crown mouldings or a picture frame for your favourite artwork, use personal inspiration and turn your living space into a home that reflects individual creativity and style. Your living space can be an ever-changing canvas providing a backdrop to your daily life.

Our European-quality Weining moulder produces a variety of precision profiles. And whether you are matching existing trim patterns, looking for a unique profile or simply want an architectural feature in a specific species of wood, we can help fulfill your vision.


Wood lends itself to a classic, elegant look to nearly any home. Customize your space; consider a solid wood railing. Enjoy the incredible visual impact. Take pleasure in the magnificent tactile feel.

Dowels can be used for handrails & other creative wood working projectsShop our selection of wood species: Mahogany, Cherry, Douglas-fir, Walnut and More! Varying diameters from ¼” to 2”. We have even had people buy them for martial arts!

Garden Pot Trivets

(aka Jan’s Pot Stickers)

A wooden plant trivet placed under your potted plants is both practical and decorative. It will save your wooden deck or porch from discolouration or rotting due to moisture from over watering. Pill bugs, sow bugs, woodlouse or just plan wood bugs – whatever your name for them – these trivets will stop them from nesting underneath.

Jan prefers using ipe as it is a premium outdoor wood. Impervious to the outdoor elements with a fire-rating of concrete; used in commercial settings worldwide. Give Jan’s pot stickers a try this summer.