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We Were Green Before Green Was Cool

West Wind Hardwood Inc. offers a wide range of forest products
from Forest Stewardship Council® certified forests, as well as from recycled, salvaged sources and naturally fallen timber.

We value and respect wood, trees and our environment. They are our livelihood, and as such we promote their responsible use.

Price and availability varies according to volumes, grades, dimensions and other factors.

FSC® Solid Wood

FSC Softwoods

  • Douglas-fir
  • Hemlock
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Spruce
  • Possibly others

FSC Hardwoods

  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Red oak
  • White Oak
  • Poplar
  • Walnut
  • Possibly others

FSC Exotics

  • Aniegre
  • Bubinga
  • Caribbean Rosewood
  • Ipe
  • Jatoba
  • African mahogany
  • Genuine mahogany
  • Sapele mahogany
  • Wenge

West Wind Hardwood Inc. are able to source most FSC Certified & Rainforest Alliance Certified species, if you don’t see it above, email here, to see if it’s available.

FSC Plywoods & Marine Plywood

  • FSC RUSSIAN BIRCH FSC PLYWOOD – Russian Birch is available in thickness ranging from 6mm – 25mm in 4×8 sheets and grades of B/BB, BB/BB, and bonded with no-emission Phenol glue.
  • FSC BRAZILIAN PARICA PINE PLYWOOD – Brazilian FSC Parica Pine is available in thickness ranging from 6mm – 18mm in A/B grade, in 4×8 panels and bonded with no–emission Phenol glue.  Parica Pine is white in color and very light weight (18mm = 48lbs)
  • FSC INDONESIAN MERANTI PLYWOOD – Indonesian FSC Meranti is available in thickness ranging from 2.7mm – 18mm in BBC grade; bonded with E-0 emission Urea based glue. (Formaldehyde emissions range from 0.03ppm to 0.045ppm). This FSC Meranti is also available in no-emission Phenol glue.
  • FSC JOUBERT OKOUME MARINE PLYWOOD – The Okoume specie is used extensively in wooden boat building for its ideal strength and durability-to-weight ratio, and is grown only in the equatorial west coast of Africa, manufactured in France. All Joubert Marine Okoume is FSC certified.

Solid Wood Flooring

FSC Recycled Fir Flooring

FSC Douglas Fir

Manufactured with wood sourced by FSC certified forest units. It is available in vertical, flat or tight knot and custom dimensions.

Recycled Douglas Fir

Manufactured from recycle wood material. This flooring is seasoned with history. It is available in mixed grains.

FSC maple and Oak Flooring

FSC certified Maple and Red Oak hardwood flooring 3/4″ solid flooring.

FSC Teak Flooring

This teak comes from Costa Rica. Its natural colour varies from golden to golden brown. This FSC certified product comes with an attractive Honey stain.

More Eco-Friendly Products