Ipe Decking, Tiles and Finishes for Wood Decking

Ipe Deck Lumber

Ipe Decking Lumber & Deck Tiles

The Preferred Exterior Wood

Ipe (pronounced “e-pay”) is a strong, tough, resilient wood. It is olive-brown in colour; aging naturally to a light silver grey colour. It is twice as dense as most woods and up to five times harder with a density of 60-75 lbs/ft3. Ipe has the strength and durability of teak but is only one third the price. Ipe is perfect for exterior, commercial applications and can provide a lifetime of maintenance free beauty & service. It is a wood that is virtually indestructible by: Weather, Wear & Tear and Vandalism.

It is the best timber product for exterior use – PERIOD!!

  • Harvested under the rules and regulations set out by IBAMA
  • FSC® Certified Ipe is also available for “Green Projects”
  • The USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory classified it as: “Very durable 25 year service”.


WEST COASTERS – See FAQ’s for recommendations for our climate!

ipe woodIpe lumber is available in a variety of dimensions to suit your needs. Ideal for wood decking and exterior walkways.

Thickness: 4/4″, 5/4″, 8/4″ (other thicknesses also available)
Width: 4″ and wider
Length: 3′ and longer

Contact us for your specific requirements.

A few projects where our Ipe has been used:

  • River Green, Richmond – this new housing development features Ipe benches and decks
  • The Mark, Vancouver – Ipe benches and decks
  • Pier Park, New Westminster – Ipe decks
  • Station Square, Burnaby – Ipe Benches
  • Surrey Memorial Hospital – Ipe benches
  • Richmond Olympic Oval – Platform decking, without finish to allow the Ipe to weather.
  • Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC – Aged park benches situated along the Sea Walk
  • Kelowna, BC – Ipe Bench project for a Stuart Park.
  • Victoria, BC – Empress Hotel, newly finished bench in Garden
  • Powell River Water Front – Westview Waterfront Ipe railing profile.

West Wind is an authorized dealer of The Ipe Clip® . These nifty, state-of-the-art Hidden Deck Fasteners are up to three times stronger than other products out there. They are extremely simple to install (see below for instructions). The speed of installation is due to the size and shape which also elevates installation problems associated with other hidden fastener methods. The smaller shape allows for approximately 1” of tolerance in the positioning of the slots cut by a biscuit jointer. Other hidden fastener methods do not allow for any tolerance in the cutting of the biscuit slots, which complicates and slows installation.

These fastener are made to withstand extreme weather conditions and will keep your Ipe deck looking good like it did when it was first installed for years. Ipe Clip fasteners are manufactured from a UV Resistant High Strength material, giving Ipe Clip fasteners up to three times the strength of other fastening methods. By using our high strength material, Ipe Clip fasteners have increased holding power, and help prevent screw heads from being over driven, as can be a problem with other lesser quality fasteners.

Why Use Ipe Clips

If you are not convinced already here are a few more advantages of using Ipe Clips for your deck installation:

  • Safer blemish free deck surface!
  • Increased structural integrity
  • Maximum holding power
  • Enhanced natural beauty
  • Eliminates dangerous nail or screw pops
  • Unparalleled holding strength
  • Easy installation, even on 3/4” & thicker decking
  • Excellent performance in any climate
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • No expensive or extra tools required
  • No unsightly screw holes or stain marks
  • Automatic gap spacing

Cost effective, durable and easy to install, Ipe deck tiles are a great way to add style to your next project. Well suited for outdoor use, these tiles will age to a beautiful silvery finish or maintain their color when an outdoor sealer is used. Deck tiles are assembled with stainless steel screws and are pre-bored for the connect system. The deck tile connect system allows you to quickly and easily create a wooden deck on any well drained solid surface.

Ipe deck tiles are suitable for these and many more applications:

  • Over existing concrete condo and apartment balconies
  • On existing wood decks or cement patios
  • Walk Ways Landscaping features
  • Vacation Property Upgrades and Landscaping

20" Smooth Ipe Tile



Slat Width 2.625″ boards, smooth or anti-slip grooved
Average Wt. (per tile)  12.5Ibs.
Length 20″ or 24″
Width 20″ or 24″
Height 1.25″ or 1.5″
Surface Area  2.7 sq. ft or 4 sq.ft
Finish Unfinished

20" Grooved (Anti-Slip) Ipe Tile

Deck Tile Installation

West Wind is an authorized dealer of The Ipe Clip® and it’s tile counterpart The Ipe Tile Connectors. With this system you never have to worry about loose or uneven gaps when laying out your tiles. Each connector comes with a 3/16″ inch spacer for ultimate spacing perfection. Deck Tile Connectors also come with pre-drilled counter sink holes ready for fastening to any existing surface or sub-structure.

Why Use Deck Tile Connectors

  • Preset gap spacing for an even surface
  • Matte texture provides better appearance between gaps
  • Made from chemical & UV-Resistant polyurethane
  • Elevates the deck tile from the wet sub-surface helping prevent wood rot.
  •  Corner pins secure placement
  • Pre-drilled countersunk holes for easy fastening to concrete slab or existing wood deck.
  • Center drain hole for improved drainage and to prevent pooling of water in corners from runoff.
  • Pre-molded score lines so connectors can be halved or quartered easily with hand tools.

24” x 24” Hardwood Deck Tile Elevating System

deck pedestal system

The DeckWise®, Altitudes Pedestal® System has been engineered to build perfectly horizontal decking over underutilized spaces such as sloped rooftops and plaza areas. Pedestals elevate and support 24″ x 24″ modular hardwood deck tiles over uneven concrete, rooftops, plazas, or walkways allowing anyone to build new beautiful living spaces.

The Altitudes Pedestal® System enables anyone to easily and quickly build an elevated all-natural hardwood deck surface. Install deck tiles on sloped or uneven rooftops to hide service pipes, cabling, drains or service ducts without constructing extensive sub-framing. Build luxurious decking where it was once impossible into a gorgeous family or party area to enjoy for years to come.

Pedestal systems utilize a head, a base and Schedule 40 PVC pipe to make installations simple for multiple height accommodations. The Altitudes Pedestal® System heads and bases have drainage holes for water; are exceptionally stable with 4” PVC Schedule 40 Plain End Pipe, and are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles from 20% Talc added to a polypropylene resin.

U.S. Patent Numbers D728,185, D738,589, 9,556,621, and 9,803,377. Other patents pending.

Ipe Oil finish for wood decking

Ipe Oil™

Protect Your Wood Deck

Although Ipe & Batu are incredibly resilient, some may want to keep the reddish tone instead of weathering it to a grey patina.

Ipe Oil is a natural wood finish has been produced with professional results in mind. It’s U.V barrier formula is an oil base that protects and conditions wood like Ipe, Mahogany, Batu, Cumaru, Tigerwood, the densest of exotic hardwoods. Provides exceptional penetration, water repellency and U.V. protection.

$135.00Read more

Maintain the natural beauty & enhance the grain of your deck.

ipe tile oiled with Ipe Oil
Ipe Deck

A well maintained deck can withstand season after season with sun & water protection.

Ipe Oil Application

Ipe Outdoor Shower Wall

Lars used Ipe Oil on his patio ipe wall. You can see the difference it makes, and so easy to apply. Just ask Lars!

  1. Clean the deck surface (pressure wash or water and hose) and let dry.
  2. Apply the oil evenly with a roller.
  3. After 20-30 minutes wipe of any excess oil that has not been absorbed with a rag to prevent puddling. Dispose of rags carefully! Chance of spontaneous combustion so place waste in a water filled metal container.

** Please Read and Adhere to the Safety Information in the Application and Product Specifications

Ipe Seal™

End Grain Sealer

Ipe Seal™ is a wax emulsion sealer proven to increase the structural integrity of hardwood decking. Designed to prevent end checking (drying splits) in freshly sawn logs, lumber, turning blanks, and other exposed wood end and face grain. Ipe Seal™ creates a bond that extends the life of each deck board.

One quart of end sealer covers approximately 500 square feet of decking. It is highly recommended that end grain cuts are protected in order to prevent checks and splits. Due to differences in wood species, variety of climatic conditions, and an individual’s usage methods; results are NOT guaranteed.

$40.00Add to cart

** Please Read and Adhere to the Safety Information in the Application and Product Specifications

What is Ipe?

Ipe is also known as Brazilian Walnut and Ironwood. Ipe is a very Dense Straight Grained Tropical hardwood. It is Ipe’s heartwood that is used in decking applications and ranges anywhere from an olive brown to blackish colour.

Why is Ipe a good decking material?

Ipe Decking has an extremely attractive appearance and smooth, splinter free surfaces. Ipe air-dries quickly with only slight warping or checking. Movement after manufacturing is rated to be small.

How durable is Ipe Decking?

Ipe Decking has a durability rating of “25 years plus” and is naturally resistant against rot, wood boring, insects and fungus.

Do stains or sealers need to be applied to Ipe Decks?

No, the application of stains and sealers is not necessary on Ipe decking; however, it can be stained to basically any desired colour. If left untreated by stains or sealers, Ipe will slowly weather to a natural silver grey colour.

What are some other advantages or Ipe over other materials?

Ipe decking is free of visible knots and defects. It has an extremely attractive appearance while maintaining structural stability for countless years. Also, its resistance to insects, mold and decay is natural; no toxic chemicals are used as a preservative.

In what applications can Ipe decking be used?

Ipe decking has been used in a number of different projects. Some examples for the use of Ipe decking include: patios, decks, walkways, bridges, piers, boat docks, and pool decks.

Helpful Tips and Guidelines

Installation for West Coast Life

ipe with flush screwsInstalling your new Ipe decking with flush faced screws, another way of fastening and a better method for here on the West Coast. Where our weather is just a tad damp, wouldn’t you say?

The Benefits of this Method:

  • No build up of debris, needles or moss around hidden fasteners.
  • Far greater holding power.
  • Easy replacement on any damaged boards.
  • Greater spacing for air movement.


Let the wood acclimatize

Ipe decking is not only procured from Brazil but is machined there as well. Brazil has a naturally humid climate that differs from ours. Once you receive your decking you should allow the material time to equalize to the environment of your location. This will generally take 1-2 weeks depending on the environment of your location. By doing so, you will reduce the shrinkage between boards after installation. If the wood is not allowed to “pre shrink”, gaps between boards may develop that are wider then the original desired spacing.

The substructure/joist system

For the load-bearing portion of the substructure, a high quality pressure treated product works fine. The Ipe decking will shelter the substructure; therefore, bearing most of the weathering. For these reasons, using treated products for the substructure of your Ipe deck makes the most sense from both a cost and practical standpoint.

Joist spacing

In order to ensure a long and safe service life of your deck we recommend a joist spacing of 16” on centers for 1×4, 1×6, and 1×8 Stock. For 5/4 deck, boards at 24” spacing can be used and 32” for 8/4 material. Depending on the design, shorter joist spacing may be required for installing deck with a diagonal pattern.

End Checking

During installation, exposed end grain after sawing can produce end checking/end cracks. To help reduce end checks, a wax based emulsion; such as a product similar to Anchor Seal can be used.

Ipe Deck Spacing

When installing the decking boards, a 1/16” spacing between boards is generally recommended. This will allow for proper air circulation between boards while also minimizing the gap width after natural seasoning of the deck.


Ipe can be worked with conventional carbide tipped blades and drill bits. The tool life of high-speed steel will be greatly shortened when cutting or drilling Ipe.

Fasteners and fastening systems

Newer fastener systems like Ipe Clips now offer the benefit of a hidden screw system that eliminates the hassle of pre drilling and saving even more time by automatically spacing the decking boards. These systems are designed to be virtually invisible compared to nails and screws, giving your project a nice finished look without any extra work.


Ipe can be left in its natural appearance and over time weather to a silvery grey colour. To help preserve the beauty and colour of Ipe, a stain coating can be applied. Before applying any type of stain, brush and wash the decking surface to remove any dust or dirt. UV inhibiting coatings will help to maintain your Ipe’s natural walnut colour.


Ipe is comparable in price to other conventional decking woods such as clear cedar and Redwood. It is also within the range of the composite decking products now being offered.

Some Final Odds and Ends

Ipe is an air dried product which minimizes expansion problems that are often seen in composite/plastic materials as well as other wood species. Although Ipe has a smooth texture, it is normal to see some minor surface checking as the deck ages and weathers. In no way will this affect the strength and durability of your deck.


All of our suppliers of Ipe follow the rules and regulations set out by IBAMA. The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources – IBAMA, within the scope of its institutional mission of encouraging the correct techniques of intervention in nature, such as the management of forests in the Brazil, makes available, with this database, an important data basis. It is designed to be used by the forest industry and society in general, to help divulge Brazilian woods in both domestic and international markets. This database will encourage the commercialization of those species not well known in the market and allow forest management to be carried out with a greater number of species. This fact will increase the economic viability and, hopefully, greater utilization of sustainable forest management.