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Building or Refinishing a Boat?

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Located in the heart of the world’s best boating waters and exceptional forests, how can we not be passionate about our maritime industry?  Boat building and joinery, the most demanding of skills, requires the most discerning selection of material.

We specialize in clear, edge grain and unusual dimensions; whether long solid stock for a new mast or planking, or a large beautiful hardwood timber to replace a stem, West Wind Hardwood has it.

When an order is placed, we do our best to accommodate your specific requirements; custom orders are cut individually for you at the mill. We also stock a range of marine plywood for the boating industry including Lloyd’s of London-rated European and Asian multi-layered occume and meranti marine plywood.

Teak Boat Decking

VG teak decking boat lumber

We also stock lumber for boat hulls, guard rails, keels & stems.

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specialty wood products for boat building



We specialize in clear, edge grain and the unusual size. Generally when an order is placed, we are able to meet individual needs. Quite often, custom orders are cut individually for you at the mill. We can also mill Bead & Cove (Canoe strips) and Tongue & Groove VJ Staving.

Commonly used softwoods for boat building are:



We stock a large variety of hardwoods. They are typically used for interior joinery work. Hardwoods are stocked in different thickness and are priced accordingly.

Commonly used hardwoods for interior of boats are:



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