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Available in 2″ thickness. Also known as Kauri, Ancient Kauri, or New Zealand Kauri.

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Scientific name: Agathis spp. (A. australis, A. alba, and A. vitiensis)

Associated with New Zealand, it is most commercially available from Australia, Fiji or Malaysia. When available much of it is second growth, clear and quarter sawn. Growth rings are not well-defined and in some cases not discernible. The wood is straight-grained, fine-textured and lustrous with little character or figure. Some have described this wood as “singularly uninteresting”.  Agathis has a specific gravity of about .56 and weighs about 39 pounds per cubic foot at 12 percent moisture content; similar to Douglas fir.

Agathis has a worldwide reputation as a quality wood but like so many of the fine species throughout the world, it too has been used to near exhaustion. National policy in New Zealand prohibits felling old growth trees for timber production but does permit harvesting some second growth timber. Reforestation and regeneration are contributing much to the return of the great kauri forests.

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