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RIGA Heksa Plus Birch Plywood with Black Overlay



Film Face overlaid Baltic Birch panels with functional textures are designed for a multitude of applications. To name a few, commercial truck box interiors, truck floors, shed floors, movie sets & stages, recreation areas, concrete forming and the list goes on.

Each sheet is overlaid with a film and has a special pattern imprinted in a hot pressing process. The other side is smooth.

Price is per SHEET

  • 7 ply, 12mm, 4×8 sheet
  • 13 ply, 18mm, 4×8 sheet
  • (contact us for more sizes)
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Baltic Birch (or Russian Birch) plywood is uniquely manufactured plywood consisting of multiple ply layers of Birch veneer per sheet. Each layer of birch veneer is peeled at 1.3mm or 1.5mm thickness giving the panel a multi-ply edge that is aesthetically attractive and offers unparalleled strength and stability. This plywood type offers a virtually void-free construction offering you great machinability and tremendous screw holding strength when compared to other ply substrates. Baltic Birch plywood from Russia was historically available only in 5ft x5ft panel formats; today Russia has expanded production to include other formats, such as 4ft x 8ft for our North American market.

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