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Hydro-Tek Meranti Mahogany


Marine Meranti (Mahogany) is made in Malaysia. Also called Hydro-Tek, BS 1088 grade, Size 4×8.

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We supply yacht and pleasure craft manufacturers, restorers and boat aficionados locally and throughout North America with high-quality marine-grade plywood. We stock a range of marine plywood for the boating industry including Lloyd’s rated European and Asian multi-layered occume and meranti marine plywood.

For interior joinery work where weight is an issue, we recommend our Italian Lite-ply.  Interior decking has two options with teak & holly or Sapele & holly plywood.


We are now able to scarf your plywood together. $80 a scarf.

Please contact us for more information.

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Dimensions 96 × 48 × 1 in


  1. Bryan Harrap

    The outside veneers of this product splinter like crazy when cut with a jigsaw, even when using a 20 tpi blade Very disappointing product if you’re trying to do good work

    • West Wind

      Thank you Bryan that’s valuable feedback as it’s important woodworkers understand what to watch for when cutting plywood. This is typical when using a jigsaw, and there are so many other variables too, such as grain orientation when making the cut, and even the quality of the blade not just the size.

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