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OLI-NATURA Wood Soap is a soft cleaning concentrate for the regular wipe care of all oil and wax treated wooden and cork floors. With this soap, you can clean floors easily and intensively without doing harm to the surface.

  • Use Approx. 5-10 ml of wood soap per 1 litre of water


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  • constant maintenance cleaning for impregnated wooden floors
  • removes dirt and grease reliably
  • soapy and gentle
  • fresh smell
  • adjusted to OLI-NATURA oils and waxes
  • skid resistant
  • Giscode GU 40

Areas of application

For the care of all oiled and waxed parquet and cork surfaces as well as linoleum and terracotta in the interior.


Water; 5-15% ionic surfactants (soaps); non-ionic surfactants; preservatives; aromatic substances

Storage properties

Storage time in unopened containers 12 months. Avoid temperatures over +30 °C at storage and transport.


Please find details of the labelling and safety information on our safety data sheet.


  1. Water down the wood soap with warm water at a ratio of 1 to 200 (50 ml per 10 litres)
  2. Wipe the floor with a slightly damp and wrung out mop and be sure not to leave any puddles.

Take care not to leave the wooden or cork floor damp or wet over a long period of time in order to prevent swelling at the joints.

Follow-up treatment and care:

Use OLI-NATURA project oil (if necessary, mixed at a ratio of 1:1 with OLI-NATURA oil thinner) for refreshment and care. If you wish another wax layer, use OLI-NATURA care wax. For common maintenance cleaning we recommend OLI-NATURA wood soap.

The verbal and written recommendations for application which we offer based on our experience and to the best of our knowledge in support of the user are consistent with the state of the art in regard to technology and practice. These recommendations are, however, not binding and constitute neither a legal relationship nor subsidiary obligations in connection with the purchase contract. They do not relieve the purchaser of the obligation to control our products for suitability in regard to the intended use. This statement supersedes all previous versions. Version: April 2007

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