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Wood Care Oil


OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil is a universal liquid wax for first use and repairing of oiled, waxed and even lacquered wooden, parquet and cork surfaces as well as for solvent -resistant ones like linoleum floors in the interior. It is rich in care waxes, produces a protective, easy-to clean coat and, depending on the intensity of the polish, it gives the surface a pleasant glossy shine.

  • 1L covers approx. 808 sqft.


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  • resistant to dust
  • wipe-proof
  • open to diffusion
  • easy application
  • quick-drying
  • antistatic
  • Giscode Ö 60

Areas of application

For the care of all oiled, waxed and lacquered wooden, parquet and cork surfaces as well as other solvent-resistant surfaces in the interior, such as linoleum and terracotta.


Vegetable waxes; disaromatized hydrocarbons

Storage properties

Storage time in unopened containers 12 months. Avoid temperatures over +30 °C at storage and transport.


Please find details of the labelling and safety information on our safety data sheet.


  1. Shake the care wax well and spread it evenly thin with a cotton cloth, mop or a sprayer on the clean and dry surface.
  2. Polish the surface immediately afterwards, either manually with a cotton cloth on smaller areas, or by machine with a white pad on larger ones.

Comments/notes on use:

In case the product has turned solid due to having been exposed to low temperatures, it can be re-liquefied by light warming in a water bath or on a radiator.

The verbal and written recommendations for application which we offer based on our experience and to the best of our knowledge in support of the user are consistent with the state of the art in regard to technology and practice. These recommendations are, however, not binding and constitute neither a legal relationship nor subsidiary obligations in connection with the purchase contract. They do not relieve the purchaser of the obligation to control our products for suitability in regard to the intended use. This statement supersedes all previous versions. Version: April 2007

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

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