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OLI-AQUA STANDARD Parquet Sealer 15.50 is a multi-purpose, water-based, one component parquet sealer for wooden floors in business areas subject to intensive wear.

The sealant’s high durability offers an enormous range of areas of application up to highly frequented stores.

  • 1L covers approx. 86-108 sqft.
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  • in compliance with the EU Decopaint Directive
  • high-build
  • very good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • excellent flow characteristics due to an optimized early drying phase in the roller application process.
  • extremely lightfast, highly transparent lacquer film that does not alter the natural appearance of the wood.
  • outstanding heel abrasion resistance
  • Giscode W2+

Test standards:

  • DIN 71-3 (Safe for children’s toys)
  • DIN 531 60 (saliva and sweat resistant)
  • DIN 68861 T B, C (chemical resistance)
  • DIN 68861 T4 (scratch resistance)
  • NMP-free
  • free of formaldehyde and aromatic compounds
  • not combustible in liquid state

With Safety Additives:

  • DIN 51 330 quality class R9 according to BGR 181
  • DIN 51 330 quality class R10 according to BGR 181

Areas of application:

Private and business areas, such as salesrooms, offices, schools and kindergartens. Also suitable for the reworking and renovation on indoor stairs.


Urethane arcylate copolymers


12 months in the factory sealed containers. Storage and transport temperatures are not to exceed +30 °C or fall below +5°C.


For labeling details and safety instructions, please refer to our safety datasheet.

Annotations/Instructions for use:

  • Stir well before use!
  • Application with roller, brush or spatula.
  • Depending on the absorbency of the wood, the coverage with roller or brush is 100-130 g/sqm per coat and with a spatula 20-40 g per cross-coat.
  • The total quantity applied in private areas should be 300 g/sqm under normal wear and 360 g/sqm under medium wear.
  • On delicate wood types, such as beech, maple or ash use a roller instead of a spatula!
  • An intermediate sanding will be necessary if the intermediate drying time exceeds 12 hrs.
  • Do not seal the parquet at a floor temperature below +15°C.


Gradual sanding with grit sizes 80/100/120. The finer the sanding, the lesser the wood roughens up. Before the final sanding process, fill the joints with OLI Joint filler and sanding powder. The surface must be dry, thoroughly cleaned and free of oil, wax, grease, silicon and sanding dust.


  1. Priming:
    1. Conventional multi-coat application: OLI-AQUA STANDARD approx. 100 g/sqm (approx. 2-3 hrs)
    2. Side-bonding minimizing setup: OLI-AQUA primer, approx. 100 g/sqm
      (approx. 2-3 hrs)
    3. Efficient basic setup: OLI-AQUA STANDARD cross-coat 30 g/sqm ea
      (approx. 20 min)
  2. Sealing (1st Coat):  5-6 hrs.
    1. OLI-AQUA STANDARD, approx. 100-130 g/sqm
    2. Intermediate sanding, grit size 120-150
  3. Sealing (2nd Coat):  5-6 hrs.
    1. OLI-AQUA STANDARD, approx. 100-130 g/sqm

Fully hardened after 8-10 days.


Figures above refer to normal conditions of +20°C and 50% relative humidity.


For maintenance cleaning and care we recommend the use of our high-quality OLI-AQUA Polish series.

The verbal and written recommendations for application which we offer based on our experience and to the best of our knowledge in support of the user are consistent with the state of the art in regard to technology and practice. These recommendations are, however, not binding and constitute neither a legal relationship nor subsidiary obligations in connection with the purchase contract. They do not relieve the purchaser of the obligation to control our products for suitability in regard to the intended use. This statement supersedes all previous versions. Version: June 2007

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