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OLI NATURA Antique is an effect-oriented treatment of oak wood in the interior that ought to look aged. You can achieve bleached, smoked and black smoked surface effects.

Developed as easy-to-apply, odourless, ecological and non-hazardous alternative to the conventional bleaching and smoking of oak wood. It is done through the reaction with tannic acid within the oak without caustic or health hazardous impacts.

  • 1L covers approx. 108 sqft.


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  • easy to apply, manually and industrially
  • quick drying
  • the aftertreatment with OLI-NATURA Oils or Hard Wax Oils is uncomplicated and can be carried out immediately after drying without neutralization.
  • suitable for inside
  • user-friendly, does not emit toxic or irritant vapours

Test standards adhered to:

  • EU Decopaint Directive

Areas of application:

For an effect-oriented treatment of oak wood in the interior that ought to look aged. Depending on the product, you can achieve bleached, smoked and black smoked surface effects. The intensity of the effect depends on the amount applied and the substances within the wood.


Reactive colourants and water.


Self-life in factory sealed containers is 12 months. Storage and transport temperatures must not exceed +30°C or fall below +5°C. Material is sensitive to frost.


Please find details of the labelling and safety information on our safety data sheet.


Sand the wood gradually with grit sizes 80/100/120. The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, wax and dust. The finer the sanding, the lesser the wood roughens up.

A finer sanding produces a leveling surface effect, a rougher one more rustic effects. Sanding defects and unevenness are more prone to be highlighted. Shake well before use.

A. Spray Application (machine)

Cup Spray Gun:

Spray pressure: 2-2,5 bar
Nozzle size: 1,0-1,4mm
Consumption: ~50-100 g/sqm


Spray pressure: 80-100 bar
Nozzle size: 0,18-0,23mm
Consumption: ~50-100 g/sqm

Suitable for spraying machines. Use water for cleaning. In case of machine spray application, an immediate padding or equalizing is not necessary.

Manual Spray Application:

On fixed parquet floors and planks: apply with a pump spray nozzle in even blanks of 50-70cm width and work in and level immediately with a squeegee or white/beige pad. Repeat the procedure after a drying time of 30-45 min. Consumption per coat is 50g/sqm.

B. Roller Application

Apply with a foam rubber roller until the surface is saturated. The consumption is about 100g/sqm. After an intermediate drying time of 30-45 min you may apply a second coat. Attention when re-working pre-finished hardwood floors: thin use-surfaces can flake off due to wood swelling.

C. Roller Machine Application

Suitable for all conventional wood stain roller machines with dispersion unit. The consumption per coat is about 30-50g/sqm. After an immediate drying time of 30-45 min you may apply a second coat.


Depending on the air humidity and temperatures, pad the surface slightly with a beige pad after drying time 3-4 hours, in order to even fibres sticking up.

Then finish the surface with OLI-NATURA oil impregnation according to the technical instructions.


  • Do not apply at floor temperatures below +12°C.
  • Drying data refer to measurements under everyday conditions of +20°C and 50% humidity.

The verbal and written recommendations for application which we offer based on our experience and to the best of our knowledge in support of the user are consistent with the state of the art in regard to technology and practice. These recommendations are, however, not binding and constitute neither a legal relationship nor subsidiary obligations in connection with the purchase contract. They do not relieve the purchaser of the obligation to control our products for suitability in regard to the intended use. This statement supersedes all previous versions. Version: April 2007

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