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Maple, Eastern


Eastern Hard Maple

Price is per BDFT unless stated otherwise below. Lengths are not listed due to varying stock, please add to cart to receive an official quote from our sales team.


Scientific name: Acer saccharum

A domestic wood that is a multi-tasker. Its colour is cream-white with a reddish tinge. The texture is fine and straight. It is a moderately difficult wood to work owing to a high resistance to abrasion and wear with an approx. density of 45 lbs/ft3. All lumber is inspected for sticker staining and selected stock offers bird’s eye figure. It’s the most suitable species for food-related projects.




Shorts 1″
 Regular 1″ $11.00
1.5″ $12.00
2″ $12.00
2.5″-3″ $14.00
Bird’s Eye 1″ $16.00
Curly/Heavy Flame

Low Figure

Bat Blanks

Turning Blanks



3 x 3 x 37″

3 x 12 x 12″



$50 /ea

$50 /ea

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs


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