Stickfix Sandpaper Rubin 2 STF D90/6 - West Wind Hardwood

Stickfix Sandpaper Rubin 2 STF D90/6


Available in: P60, P80, P100, P120, P150, P180, P220

Diameter: 3.5″ (90 mm)

Qty. in pack: 50.00 Units

For RO 90 DX

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Building on the induBuilding on the industry-leading performance of the original Rubin abrasive, Festool’s all-new Rubin 2 sets a new standard for efficiency, perfect for all wood-finishing applications. Rubin 2 is designed to minimize the time spent on each level with a 30% faster removal rate and a 30% longer sheet life.

  • Finish Faster – Rubin 2 is designed to quickly shed wood fibers, eliminating clogging so the abrasive stays sharp, leading to a 30% faster removal rate.
  • Save Money – Since Rubin 2 is designed to prevent clogging due to the buildup of pitch and wood fibers, you’ll get up to 30% longer life out of every sheet.
  • Your Best Finish – Designed for rapid grit progression, you’ll spend less time getting from 80 to 220, achieving the best possible finished surface in the least amount of time.


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