Our Mission - West Wind Hardwood

West Wind Hardwood Inc.’s Mandate

  1. Promote our passion for wood through our products;  lumber, floors and value-added wood products
  2. Foster appreciation of fine woodworking skills, from novice to master craftsman
  3. Support ecologically sound forestry practices

West Wind Hardwood Inc.’s Goals

Customer Commitment

We are committed to listening to the customer; ensuring there is mutual satisfaction. No minimum/maximum purchases expected. All projects are important whether you are the professional or the hobbyist.

Source Quality Lumber including Unusual Dimensions and Grain Figuration

We are located on Vancouver Island for two reasons:

  • To personally ensure and maintain a quality of life, which includes being in the centre of the World’s premier boating waters.
  • To remain close to some of the best boat building woods and premium softwoods in the world. We work with many small mills; keeping in constant contact. Although we are not a high volume player in the field of lumber commodities, we are more selective and prefer to offer our customers a higher-end product. YOU cannot be everywhere but WE can ensure you have access to quality lumber. We can ship anywhere and we DO! We are willing…are you?

Hard at work in Actaeon Sound into Drury Inlet, BC – 2012

Share Knowledge

We offer a combined 200+ years of custom woodworking, boat building and appreciation of wood. Our accumulated knowledge is invaluable and should be shared; with our customers AND our employees.  Danny Schaftlein, Milling Manager completed his Joinery Apprenticeship in November 2014. Joel and Tyler have since followed in his footsteps. We take pride in our passion for wood!

Viking Museum in Roskilde, Denmark where the tradition and passion for wood lives on – 2004

Completed Joinery Apprenticeships

Jan Nielsen, Carpentry
Danny Schaftlein (Milling Manager) – Joinery
Joel Radford (Flooring Manager) – Joinery
Tyler Strank (Milling Assistant) – Joinery
Jan Nielsen, Carpentry - 1978
Danny Schaftlein, Joinery - 2011
Milling Manager
Joel Radford, Joinery - 2015
Milling Specialist
Tyler Strank, Joinery - 2016
Milling Specialist

Avoid Waste

Resourcefully managing our resources is a long-term commitment for us. Waste should be avoided, especially when the use of living organisms are involved. We offer reliable sources for quality recycled and well-managed softwoods and hardwoods. We strive for a better way of doing business: ethically, efficiently and environmentally.

Something else to keep in mind…

When selecting your order, we will select the very best that we have at the time of your order. This includes choosing the lengths and widths best suited to your project. Remember that you will nearly always incur some wastage, and some woods are prone to more defects than others; but to avoid unnecessary waste, communication is so very important. We need to know your ‘in a perfect world’ needs and expectations…in return; we will contact you prior to shipping and advise you of any concerns we have, if any. As an alternative, you are always welcome to come in and select your own material.

Remember wood is unique…no two pieces are the same…and therein lies the beauty!

Clearly Claro Walnut