Our Boats - West Wind Hardwood

dulwenSpecializing in boat lumber and marine plywood allows us an outlet for our personal interest in the boating industry. Our location on Vancouver Island gives us two distinct advantages. We are located in the centre of world-class boat building lumber … and of course, we are located in the centre of world class boating waters. All three men have built boats:

  1. Ove – 46’ Robert Allan Fisheries’ Patrol Design (Lene-Marie)
  2. Jan – 21.5’ Howard Chapelle/Bill Garden Gentleman’s Launch (Puddleduck)
  3. Lars – 22’ Bartender (Marika I).


In 1998, Jan and Shelley purchased Toby, a 1948 30′ Chris-Craft sedan cruiser from S.A.L.T. Society in Victoria, BC.  Reselling her to Lars, he renamed the Chris-Craft,  Marika II.  Lars revitalized her to her original condition and now she is living the life of a grand dame on the Rhine River in Germany, and Lars was once again a boat owner of a 32′ Barrie Farrell tri-cabin trawler; needing some TLC.  After a two and a half year restoration, this beauty of a boat is out beating the waves and has spent several summers with Lars’ family, cruising this beautiful part of the country.

In the meantime, Jan and Shelley are proud owners of an Ed Monk Sr. 32′ Dulwen; built in 1957 by Philbrook and Sons Boatyard, Sidney, BC.   Our motto: “Never a dull moment and never be without a boat!!”  Ask about Jan and Lars’ latest acquisitions from the Silva Bay Shipbuilding School.  Lovely little sailing ladies called Duckweed, Topsey-Turvey and Raccoon.  All Paul Gartside designs.


35ft - 1957

Jan and Shelley’s 35ft wooden cruiser designed by Edwin Monk Sr. built by Philbrooks Boatworks, Victoria BC. Currently powered by a 1997 155hp 4cyl Cummins Diesel.

After lengthening the hull in 2010 (cold moulded with epoxy, 2 layers of WRC over existing wedge seamed planking), the new wood weight displayed the old water logged planking, gained almost 2 knots, floated 1.5in higher out of the water, developed 20% better fuel economy, and no longer required trim tabs as she no longer squats! And now the Bildge stays clean and dry with no odour!

Mary Anne

18ft wooden work boat - 1940

Built in Vancouver at Turner Boatworks. Still has it’s original 2cyl Vivian engine. Previously owned by Bill Garden for 50 years. Once Mary Anne has undergone her final refit; including a complete rebuild of the Vivian engine, Jan anticipates finding a worthy home where she’ll be appreciated for her contribution to Bill’s life story and Pacific Northwest boating.

Other Boats

Owned or Once Owned by West Wind

Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvey is boat #2 built at the Silva Bay Shipyard School on Gabriola Island for Lars…of course it highlights our wood.


16ft Raccoon, Jan and Shelley’s wooden expedition sailboat built at Silva Bay Boat School, 2006. A Paul Gartside design.

Chris Craft Sedan

Named Marika II when owned by Lars, she is now underway in Germany – where she is now called, Viva of Conover Cove.


Puddleduck, 21ft wooden Gentlemans launch. Built by Jan and Shelley Nielsen in 1986. Hull designed by Howard Chapelle, wheelhouse by Bill Garden.

Raccoon in front of West Wind’s doors all cozy in her trailer.

Marika I

22ft Bartender named Marika I, built by Lars.


12ft ‘Duckweed’, a wooden day sailboat. Built at Silva Bay Boat School in 2004. A Paul Gartside design. Now sailing Kootenay Lake!


Mantrap, after 2 ½ year rebuild beside Lars’s residence she is now cruising the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.