Our Story - West Wind Hardwood

Grandfather – Father – Sons

The family association with the art and craft of woodworking goes back much further than the pictures shown here and the pride in their day-to-day work has always translated into quality and service.  Apparently it’s a shaving that doesn’t fall far from the tree.  It is a tradition that embodies a dedication to high quality craftsmanship.  This passion for wood continues to thrive.

Farfar (Granddad) Lars Henry Rasmus Nielsen in the center

They are building a new wing for the windmill Gørlev, Denmark 1947

Jan Tellerup Nielsen (2nd from left) and his Farfar, Henry Nielsen (far right) Gørlev, Denmark 1969

West Wind Hardwood is located in Sidney (Vancouver Island), BC Canada and was established in 1978 as a father (Ove Nielsen) and son (Jan Nielsen) partnership under the name West Wind Woodwork. It is a culmination of generations of old-world woodworkers and craftsmen.

Far (Dad) – Ove Tellerup Nielsen and HIS Far, Henry Gørlev, Denmark

Decades apart but WOW, who is who!

Mor (Mom) Elsa Marie Nielsen – Søn Jan Tellerup Nielsen – Far Ove Tellerup Nielsen – Denmark 1958
Jan’s first framing job.

Old World Technology

Through the decades as economic climates waxed and waned, like most businesses West Wind continued to grow and develop to meet the demands of their clientele. From custom renovations and furniture through marine products and boats, West Wind Wood Work evolved into West Wind Hardwood Inc. sourcing and stocking fine domestic and exotic wood species, and Ove’s youngest son, Lars joined the company.

Just as the human condition does not reach a plateau and remain stagnant, nor has West Wind Hardwood.  We moved away from our reliance on lumber sales and into the flooring market with both custom and brand name flooring. We expanded our on-site machinery to boost our ability to meet your flooring and architectural millwork dreams.  Expanding the company’s production facilities enabled us to offer not just standard products but truly bespoke service; matching exactly existing or architects’ and designers’ plans.   Maintaining our reputation for European quality we import German wood finishes.   Always in the pursuit of our passion for wood, we have expanded our value-added wood products; offering our newest line of culinary food service products. We continue to pride ourselves in providing quality lumber, flooring and wood-related products with friendly, efficient service to our wide range of national and international customers. Full customer support with individualized service is offered throughout the purchasing and shipping process.

Far, Ove Nielsen and Søn, Lars Tellerup Nielsen – Renovations in Kelowna, BC 1974

Why Bother or What Keeps Us Going!

What Makes Us Tick?

photo_about-woodYou, the customer, is what keeps us going.  In today’s highly competitive world markets, we are but a slender shaving on the floor.  We have chosen to live in the Pacific Northwest – a boaters’ paradise.  We have chosen to stay close to wood.  We have chosen to care about our customers.  It’s in the genes.

We take a personal interest in your projects.  Nothing is more pleasing than to see a creation develop, whether it has aesthetic or practical value; whether it’s yours or ours.   It is ALL about the WOOD.  We appreciate sharing the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Thus, West Wind Hardwood Inc. evolved and continues; there is a sense of history and a desire to influence the future.