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General Wood Flooring FAQ's

How long should I leave the flooring in my home before installation?

Allow new flooring to acclimate in the room where it is to be installed. In normal situations, flooring should sit for at least 3-7 days (the longer the better). Excessive moisture from new home construction and other factors can cause flooring to move after installation, so it is best to have a professional opinion if you are unsure of the situation.

What is the difference between solid hardwoods, engineered and laminate flooring?

Solid hardwood is manufactured from one piece of lumber and comes as either un- finished or pre-finished. Solid flooring is favoured for its robust feel, warmth and ability to be refinished again and again. Engineered flooring is essentially plywood with a veneer or high-quality hardwood on the face (usually an eighth of an inch thick). Engineered hardwood is most often used over radiant heat and below grade because of its amazing dimensional stability. Laminate flooring is not wood at all. It is a photograph laminated onto a base of MDF (medium density fibreboard).

We just finished installing wood in our home and have noticed the flooring under the rugs is much lighter then the rest of the floor. What should we do?

Wood tans (oxidizes) in the sunlight just like people do. For your floor to get an all-over tan, simply rotate your furniture and rugs to expose all of the wood to the light. Keep in mind that any light patches will fade to match the rest of your floor, even if there is a big colour difference.

I am finishing a basement, can I install solid wood flooring? What are my options?

Any flooring installation over concrete (including basements) should not be done using solid wood. In this situation, we always recommend engineered flooring, which works wonderfully over cement, and because it is engineered (solid wood surface with a plywood core) and made form real wood, the feel and look can be identical to traditional solid floors.

We have a large dog and two kids. Are there any products known to stand up in this situation?

The question really should be not is a wood floor practical with a family, but what kind of a look do I want? Wood floors offer both the tailored, sophisticated look found in urban condos, and the charming warmth found from family life. If you are concerned about getting maximum durability out of a wood floor, it is best to start with a very hard wood, or ensure your wood flooring product has a ‘tough’ finish. There are many dense species that grow in eastern Canada; like Maple and Hickory. In addition, many of the South American woods like Jatoba and Tigerwood are even harder and look beautiful too. The other half of a durable floor is the finish. Check to make sure the flooring is produced in Canada or Europe, as the finishes on wood floors made in China can scratch and mark more easily than their Canadian or European counterparts.

Ordering FAQ's

How do I estimate the quantity of flooring I need?

Quantity is calculated in one of two ways. The homeowner can measure the rooms where the flooring is to be installed. Then tabulate the list and add 5% (typically) for waste. Alternately, the floor installer can calculate the entire space.sure of the situation.

Do need allow for waste? If so How much?

Typically waste is calculated at 5% over the net measurement of area covered. If the flooring is of a rustic grade or your installation will involve lots of intricate cutting (such as stairs, corners, angles) this percentage should be increased. This is very important to discuss with your supplier or installer prior to purchasing, as a miscalculation in quantity may hold up the job. Also, remember that shipping charges become more economical the greater the quantity/weight. When calculating waste, it is more efficient to err on the side of caution.

What is the minimum order?

For brand name flooring, the minimum order is one box or one package…approximately 20 – 22 sq.ft. For custom or Douglas-fir flooring there is no minimum.

What is the policy on flooring returns?

Unopened boxes, in saleable condition, accepted within 60 days from arrival/completion date.  Custom milled flooring & flooring accessories – no returns.  Packaged flooring (Prefinished/Unfinished) – 50% Restocking fee.

What are the shipping charges? How is it priced?

Shipping is calculated on weight, dimension and distance. Delivery is often less than our customers expect. At the drop of a hat, we can supply a quote that includes both product and shipping. Remember that shipping charges become more economical the greater the quantity/weight. When calculating waste, it is better to err on the side of caution.


Our Guarantee

West Wind Hardwood Inc. guarantees that all our wood is carefully sourced and selected, and we certify that our products conform to the standards represented by “National Wood Flooring Assoc.” regarding species, moisture, quality and grade. West Wind Hardwood Inc. will replace any specific pieces that fail to meet these standards, free of charge to the customer. Recommended installation and maintenance practices are those generally accepted and used in the industry. We do not offer complete instructions since practical applications vary between geographic regions and between individual job sites. Consult a licensed contractor wood flooring installer for recommendations regarding your specific project.

Maintaining Your Flooring Order

The consumer is responsible for storing their flooring products in such a way that they maintain the recommended moisture content after receipt of shipment. West Wind Hardwood Inc. does not accept any risk or liability for problems resulting from shipping, storage, site conditions, installation or maintenance of our products. We will only accept product returned in its original condition; subject to restocking fees. There are no returns on custom orders. Orders should be carefully inspected upon receipt for quantity, quality, damage, defect, suitability, dryness and all other normal considerations. It is the customer’s responsibility to identify pieces that are unacceptable for any reason prior to installation. West Wind Hardwood Inc. accepts no responsibility for costs, damage or liability associated with removal or reinstallation should the customer or their representatives fail to properly inspect the product prior to installation. However, every effort will be made to solve problems in advance and defective product should NEVER be installed. We strive to avoid problems at all times. Please refer to our Order FAQ on this page for instructions.

West Wind Hardwood Inc. recommends that all of its wood floors be installed, finished and maintained according to the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines. You will find that we strive hard to secure premium quality wood flooring product while offering timely, professional service.

Talk With Us

We strive for an honest, open relationship and to that end, we are always available for consultation. For warranties specific to your flooring product, please discuss with your sales rep prior to purchase. Remember wood is a natural material.

The boughs of no two trees ever have the same arrangement. 

Nature always produces individuals.

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