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Douglas Fir is one of North America’s premiere construction materials. It has stood the test of time and our Douglas Fir flooring is no exception. The wood offers a rich colour and a classic look: elegant or rustic depending upon the grade; have a look at our collections.


Our Douglas Fir Flooring Choices

A Look For Every Lifestyle and Space.

Classic Fir

Rich & warm, designed for timeless beauty.

Our premiere Douglas fir flooring with an unparalleled look and appeal. It is selectively harvested from the coast of British Columbia. We use sap restricted vertical grain fir flooring to ensure that your floor has uniform colour.

Recyled & FSC Fir

Rustic looking wood with massive character.

An Eco-friendly flooring options; made from FSC Recycled Glue Laminated beams and Recycled Joists. Whether working on a LEED project, or simply reducing your environmental footprint, we can help you.

New Fir

Create organic harmony with texture & colour.

Different from our other fir products mainly because it is produced from second growth lumber; harvested from young forests.  It offers a sustainable, distinctive look with a coarse, wider grain pattern.

Engineered Fir

Same great quality in a stable, versatile product.

Maintains the natural and distinct beauty of our Classic Douglas Fir flooring yet offers more versatility for those areas where solid wood is impractical. Available in pre-finished, unfinished, as well as Standard or FSC Mixed.

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    If forests are like wine, the second and third generations that come up after a native forest is cut are the young and inexperienced varieties. They might be serviceable, but they do not begin to compare with the rich, heady, bold, and complex attributes of a forest that has aged… tree farms where the product is grown in rows like corn and as fast as possible, are chardonnay in a box.

    Jim Robbins
    From “Forest Fantastic“, Traveler February 2005

    The Douglas Fir

    For strength, versatility and beauty, few woods match the magnificent Douglas-fir!

    The massive, fine-grained Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) grows in abundance along Canada’s west coast. The tree has a long, straight trunk with very little taper, and in heavy stands is free of branches for two-thirds or more of its height, yielding a high percentage of clear and near-clear wood in long lengths and large sizes. Douglas-fir is the only redwood-type material still available in substantial volumes of clear wood and is characterized by having the highest ratings of any western softwood for extreme fibre stress in bending; tension parallel-to-grain; horizontal sheer; exceptional strength, hardness and durability.

    Even second-growth Douglas-fir, the product of many years of reforestation, has achieved the mature characteristics and dimensions which cannot be matched by faster-growing plantation softwoods from other timber-producing regions of the world. Because of its physical working properties, as well as the moderate durability of its heartwood, and its excellent dimensional stability, all combine to provide the reasons why many builders worldwide prefer Douglas-fir for framing timbers. It is truly the ideal, general-purpose softwood species for timber framing in residential, light commercial, multi-story and industrial construction, and for structural formwork applications.

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    A complete package is available including all necessary wood components that accompany a fabulous floor. West Wind Hardwood is a full service manufacturer capable of turning almost any species into a finely crafted floor.

    It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw, not because she is Canada but because she’s something sublime that you were born into, some great rugged power that you are a part of.

    Emily Carr
    Canadian Artist and Writer, 1871-1945