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The New Porch for the Old “Newer” House

September 24, 2014 West Wind Hardwood & SoftwoodOtherStaff


Everyone who works at West Wind has formed a close relationship with wood.  Most are passionate and take advantage of any opportunity to use and/or work with it.  Our Flooring Manger, Joel is no different.  In fact he set the bar for everyone else.  He’s been with us since 1998; still in high school at the time and highly recommended by his Wood Work Teacher.  He has spent his entire post-secondary career working towards improving and upgrading his living environment; a few times over.

Here are some pictures of the porch he installed on his current home renovation.  Great job!  What’s next?


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The Wood Market – Today….Tomorrow – For You and For Me

January 22, 2014 Shelley Nielsen CompanyHardwood & SoftwoodIndustryShelley's Articles

4-woodmarketwebAbout a month ago, we received an email from a supplier commenting on the strengthening US dollar and it’s affects on the increasing cost of lumber.  This is an upward trend that is a double-edged sword for Canada; a country reliant on exports and a robust trading partner with the US.

“The Hardwood Review Weekly has had two recent articles that offer an explanation as to why lumber has been in tight supply and prices have been on an increase.  Here is a condensed version covering their basic content:

“Overproduction No Longer Inevitable – Several Reasons Why Supply Won’t Overtake Demand Anytime Soon” by Andy Johnson, Editor

Source:  Hardwood Review Weekly, November 29, 2013 (Vol. 30, Issue 11)
Source:  Hardwood Review Weekly, December 6, 2013 (Vol. 30, Issue 12)


Supply Side Constraints to Increasing Production:

  • Fewer sawmills (many grade and tie mills  have closed and were dismantled)
  • Limited capital availability (credit requirements have tightened considerably for hardwood companies)
  •  Labour shortage (pool of qualified loggers, sawyers, graders and machine operators is quite low)
  • Highly competitive timber/log markets (rapidly rising lumber prices have mills eager to buy as much raw material as they can afford)


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As Clear as a Mud: Wood Muddlers

July 16, 2013 Shelley Nielsen Artwork & Hobby WoodworkingHardwood & SoftwoodShelley's Articles

Summer has arrived on the West Coast, and Summer’s Dog Days leads us directly to Mojito Season.  Sticks have long been used to mash fruit; today they are still used in cocktail bars and called muddlers, muddle sticks, mojito muddlers.

Why muddle?  Muddling bruises the leaves or skin of the fruit releasing oils and flavours. Your drink is now bursting with the romance of robust flavours of the tropics; a beverage transcending the ordinary. Simply put, muddling is the ultimate expression of a fruit-enhanced cocktail.

Don’t have an official muddler yet; tired of rummaging through the kitchen drawer only to find improvising with chopsticks doesn’t quite complete the job?  Whisks…lovely to twirl but hard to crush delicate leaves, and finally, you’ve stumbled upon a wooden spoon.  Bingo…except for that lingering taste of garlic in the mint.  Paaallllllllease!!

Add a wooden muddler to your drink-making kit.  There are styles for every taste of bartender and for every type of function.  Choose between a gently rounded, flat or textured shape – and you’ll have the ability to achieve everything from gentle bruises to a coarse crush.  Mint leaves need a light hand but a healthy slice of orange needs a little more work.  Personalize the feel and incorporate an angled top edge – give your thumb a little extra leverage.


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Sapele Mahogany Used in House Reno

May 15, 2013 West Wind Customer ProjectsHardwood & Softwood

Roger Allard is working on a total house renovation on Salt Spring Island with all new quartered Sapele Mahogany window frames using 3” and 4” thick to construct the windows. It’s going to be stunning! The the photos to view the slideshow.




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Home Shows – Spring Vs. Fall?

March 4, 2013 West Wind CompanyEventsFlooringHardwood & Softwood

Joel Radford, Flooring Manager says:

“Overall the show seemed worthwhile. Of the three days Saturday was the busiest with lots of people. Lots of newbies discovering West Wind products for the first time and took brochures/cards. The improved booth had a positive impact. The countertops  etc. showed a more fleshed out picture of our products and were a great way to engage with attendees.”

We’re expanding to the Vancouver Home/Garden/Design Show. There are choices folks: Spring vs. Fall. Do you have a thought? Where there’s an opinion, there’s a willing ear. Let us know by answering this poll:

When it comes to Home/Garden trade shows, which season is better?

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You can also drop Joel an email to joel@westwindhardwood.com.


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Sapele Mahogany Kitchen

November 22, 2012 West Wind Customer ProjectsHardwood & Softwood

We are just in awe with this Sapele Kitchen done by our customer Christopher Lang. Well Done!



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