West Wind’s Epic Corporate Camp-Out!

July 8, 2014 West Wind CompanyEventsExplorationStaff

20140629_095432Galiano Island, Montague Harbour

Every year we brave the weather (however wet it may be) and spend two glorious days camping, boating, fishing, relaxing & eating… Good times were had and oh boy were we well fed!


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My Old House

May 21, 2014 West Wind CompanyStaff

Everyone who works at West Wind has formed a close relationship with wood. Most are passionate and take advantage of any opportunity to use and/or work with it. Last year, one of our employee’s bought their very first home. Here is the start of his journey. Enjoy and stay tuned for updates.

The house is from the late 1920s, but well maintained over the years. Being mostly original inside and out, a lot of the original character of the house remains. The history is not known for sure, but it is believed that the first owner was a manager or caretaker of the Agriculture Canada’s Experimental Plant Farm on East Saanich Road (now known as the Centre for Plant Health). Who knows maybe the old fig tree on the property was planted by the original owner? The house sits on a half acre, surrounded by forest and gardens.

The new owners plan to keep the original character and style of the house intact as much as possible. This started with refinishing the original Douglas-fir flooring. Tearing up the laminate floor and carpet revealed a floor full of character. The whole process felt a lot like an archaeological dig to us.


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Danny’s Apprenticeship Year 3

November 28, 2013 West Wind CompanyStaff

Did you know Jan is sponsoring Danny Schaftlein – our Milling Manager – for his Joinery apprenticeship?  He has just completed his 3rd year at BCIT and found this year’s general focus to be on production methods, curved millwork, and drafting with AutoCAD.  His personal project was a mirror frame incorporating laminated and solids curved parts.  Can hardly wait to see the finished mirror once the glass is installed.  He has maintained a 95% average over the past 3-years.  We are very proud of him!!

He spent more time home on the weekends this year and became up close and personal with the BC Ferry schedule….or lack thereof ;-)  He did say that there were more apprentices representing Victoria this year.  Nice to see.


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Corporate Camp-Out 2013!

July 19, 2013 West Wind CompanyEventsStaff

This year’s trip was again at Montague Harbour, Galiano Island. A beautiful site and what gorgeous weather we had! Got to witness an amazing sunset and went boating around the islands. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! 


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Furniture Collection by Scott Klausen

July 3, 2012 West Wind Artwork & Hobby WoodworkingHardwood & SoftwoodStaff

Scott is not a customer, but worked for us the last few months! He is moving on to bigger and better things so we thought we’d show off his great work as a nice send off. We wish him the best of luck!

So please check out these amazing pieces he created:

Three of them are made from sapele mahogany, eastern maple, and padouk. They are the three projects that I built in high school and the symbols on the end table are on there because I have a fascination in ancient history and ancient mythology so I decided to incorporate some in my work.


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Corporate Camp Out 2012!

June 26, 2012 West Wind Staff

We spent a rainy weekend camping West Wind style on Galiano Island, in the Montague Harbour provincial park. Here’s just a few pictures from the weekend:



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