Mesquite – There’s a Love/Hate Relationship

May 11, 2012 Shelley Nielsen Artwork & Hobby WoodworkingCompanyExplorationShelley's Articles

On our annual Mexican road-trip inland, we were drawn to the beauty of the mesquite tree.  The traveler sees twisted, crooked limbs, sharp spiteful thorns amid flowers looking like long spikes of yellow catkins and delicate feather-like leaves; as yet, seasonal pods have not matured.  There is a delicate fragrance perfuming the arid landscape. Mesquite […]


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Danny’s Giant Red Cedar

March 5, 2012 West Wind Exploration

Giant Western Red Cedar discovered while bushwhacking in some pockets of old growth forests around Nitnat Lake! Photo and Bushwhacking by Danny Schaftlein


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European Beech

January 13, 2012 Shelley Nielsen ExplorationHardwood & SoftwoodShelley's Articles

Denmark Post Christmas 2011 (3)

Fagus sylvatica, the European beech or common beech, is a deciduous tree belonging to the beech family Fagacaea.  It has a natural range extending from southern Sweden though to central Italy, west to France, northern Portugal and central Spain.  Although oft regarded as a native in southern England, recent evidence suggests it did not reach here after until […]


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The Yellow Cedar

November 25, 2011 Shelley Nielsen ExplorationHardwood & SoftwoodShelley's Articles

A Communal Resident

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It’s a given that my mission, when on holidays, is to take tree and/or wood-related pictures for our newsletter…and what an opportunity Strathcona Park gave us. This past September, found us on our annual tenting holiday; just before the park closed its gates for the winter. We came prepared, both mentally and physically, for full-day hikes of 5-6 hours; weather permitting. And thus


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Danny’s Apprenticeship

November 24, 2011 West Wind ExplorationStaff

A Journey into Journeymanship.

Do you know what a Joiner is? A Joiner will layout, machine, assemble, install and finish products that are fabricated from wood, plastics and other materials. Many of these processes will combine conventional techniques with automated (CNC/CAD/CAM) procedures.
As an example, joiners work in these areas:

  • Architectural Woodwork (Millwork)
  • Cabinets
  • Commercial furnishings
  • Residential furnishings
  • Yacht interiors
  • Specialty items


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Solomon Island Photos

November 24, 2011 West Wind ExplorationHardwood & Softwood

We had the privilege of having some photos sent to us from the Solomon Islands of some locals harvesting a Narra tree. These guys sure are good at what they do, as the photos prove!

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