West Wind’s Epic Corporate Camp-Out!

July 8, 2014 West Wind CompanyEventsExplorationStaff

Galiano Island, Montague Harbour Every year we brave the weather (however wet it may be) and spend two glorious days camping, boating, fishing, relaxing & eating… Good times were had and oh boy were we well fed!


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Camping In Clayoquot Arm

March 14, 2014 West Wind Exploration

Danny, our milling manager, brought back some stunning images from his camping trip to Claypquot Arm this past January.


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Big Trees – Big Dreams

September 26, 2013 Shelley Nielsen ExplorationIndustryShelley's Articles

Jan and I have traveled north – beyond on the rapids – to The Broughton Archipelago on three occasions since 2004.  We have always been the smallest, oldest and most wooden boat up there.  It is a go-to destination for yachts, mega-yachts and super-mega yachts without a doubt. Being ‘bookie’ people, we have quite a […]


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Boating in Turkey

May 17, 2013 West Wind Exploration

By West Wind’s Danny Schaftlien These beautiful photos were supplied to us from our milling manager, Danny. Crystal clear, aquamarine water and ancient Ottoman ruins. What a fantastic locale for boating!


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Pacific Yew- The Cognac of Wood

July 4, 2012 Shelley Nielsen ExplorationHardwood & SoftwoodIndustryShelley's Articles

This wood is my absolute favourite of favourites.  Quite simply, it has a richness that speaks to my senses like a fine cognac long-aged in French oak barrels, or perhaps your preference is Grand Marnier.  My kitchen cabinets are made from yew, as are many of our doors here at West Wind Hardwood, and upon […]


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Mesquite – There’s a Love/Hate Relationship

May 11, 2012 Shelley Nielsen Artwork & Hobby WoodworkingCompanyExplorationShelley's Articles

On our annual Mexican road-trip inland, we were drawn to the beauty of the mesquite tree.  The traveler sees twisted, crooked limbs, sharp spiteful thorns amid flowers looking like long spikes of yellow catkins and delicate feather-like leaves; as yet, seasonal pods have not matured.  There is a delicate fragrance perfuming the arid landscape. Mesquite […]


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