Thoughtful Gifts for the Holidays

Thoughtful Gifts for the Holidays

There’s gift for every wood lover this holiday! We’ve come up with a simple guide to help you narrow it down and find them the perfect gift.

The Chef

You love attending their dinner parties and they always impress with their table setting and decor. They share your love for cuisine and take pride in showing off their hard work they do in the kitchen.

burger serving paddles

A West Wind Charcuterie, butcher block or serving board is the perfect gift for them. We can customize it to any sizes and have a variety of woods to choose from. Why not make it personal? Engraving a sentimental message, initials or drawing makes for an incredibly special gift.

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BC Technology Education Association – Conference 2015

BC Technology Education Association – Conference 2015

Lars attended the BCTEA Annual Conference on Friday, October 23. Usually the conference circulates around the province giving long-distance schools an opportunity to attend with minimal traveling expenses but this year it was held in Vancouver, BC at Gladstone Secondary once again. Lars told me that he has finally reached that ripe age where most professionals are looking younger than him but rather than feeling ‘old’ he was gratified to see so many teachers; both young and young-at-heart in attendance.

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West Wind Factory Tour: Lunch and Learn

luncheon with BC Architects

April 30, 2015 – Exploring BC’s Millwork Industry: Beyond the Basics

Seminars, Demo’s and Factory Tour for the Vancouver Island Chapter of Architects

Partnered with Roy Manion, Manager, Specifiers Program of the BC Wood Specialties Group
Hosted by West Wind Hardwood Inc
Driven by Joel Radford and Shelley Nielsen
Attended by 25 Architects and Designers from Southern Vancouver Island

This was both a challenge and a hoot for us. We’d never considered offering an on-site learning opportunity until Roy approached us. He nurtured us; coddled us; encouraged us. And it was a success, as born witness by this excerpt from the Vancouver Island Chapter of Architects’ Newsletter………

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This Week: Engraved Serving Paddles to Ontario

weekly events 5-20

35 Engraved Cherry Serving Paddle Boards

for Kitchen76, Two Sisters Winery, Niagara on the Lake, Ont.

Kitchen 76-engraved-paddles

I just wanted to send you a note with regards to the boards for Kitchen76… they are amazing! Everyone loved them and they are just want we wanted :)

The detail of the emblem and the board itself is amazing!

– Melissa Marotta-Paolicelli

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