In Memory: January 9, 1995 – October 27, 2006

At the age of 7 weeks, Lucy was brought to West Wind Hardwood on her very first day of ownership. She lived with Jan, Shelley and family including 4 cats; coming to the office every day was her reprieve from feline authority. She made friends with customers; human and canine alike. She loved people, food, swimming…and was a serious “ball” dog. A rare “gem” – she is missed!

  • Lucy at 7 weeks old
  • Desolation Sound 2005
    Lucy and Jan, always gunkholing in the zodiac boat.
  • Lucy in Racoon our 15 sailboat.
    Jan has renamed the boat Lucy
  • A little shut-eye on a lazy summer afternoon
  • Two of her favourite activities - swimming and retrieving
  • Trip to Cape Scott 2003
    They forced me to carry enough food for 6 days!!
  • Oh the things they made me do; but I did balance a bone well - anything for food
  • Lucy and friend, Ninja