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West Wind Hardwood Newsletter images West Wind Hardwood Newsletter images
april 2009


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It is better to deserve honors and not have them, than to have them and not to deserve them.

~ Mark Twain

West Wind Hardwood Newsletter images
West Wind Hardwood Newsletter images
West Wind Hardwood Newsletter images
West Wind Hardwood Newsletter images


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Welcome to Joey


Joey Olson, younger brother to Nik Olson, is currently a full time student at Parkland Secondary. Yes, another Parkland student – Go Panthers!! He is very interested in woodworking and hopes to make this his profession. He plays hockey and likes to hang in with his friends. joey
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lltyd Perkins'Family  Beeswax Recipe
The latest buzz around West Wind is Illtyd Perkins’ Family Beeswax, a recipe passed down through generations and handmade on Salt Spring Island. Illtyd enjoys making the polish. Perhaps its the sweet resinous smell of hot beeswax and turpentine...not to speak of the exciting possibility that the entire batch could ignite into a ball of flame. More info   bees wax polish
Solomon Island Wood Collection
Solomon Islands are located in the South Pacific between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. The Solomon’s consist of over 990 islands covered with tropical forests. For thousands of years, Solomon Islanders have lived off the land and now they are using these skills to grow a range of valuable timbers including: Kwila (Merbau), Rosewood, Tubi (Queen Ebony), Vitex (New Guinea teak). Solomon Island Collection
feature story
Thinking of Dresden and Wood...What Comes to Mind?
Think of Dresden, Germany and what comes to mind? Possibly Meissen porcelain, possibly Christmas stollen and the Dresden Christmas Markets, and of course there is the Zwinger Palace – as one of the destinations listed in “1000 Places to See before You Die”. Wandering through the new ‘old’ centre of the city, memories may come to mind; significant dates remembered but not revered, such as the 13th February 1945...and now you must be wondering how does wood factor in here?

Jan and I made a visit to Dresden this December 2009. Our goal was to visit the Oli Lacke Factory in Lichtenau, which is just outside Chemnitz, which is just outside Dresden; hence the Dresden connection. The company Oli Lacke manufactures the Oli Natura line of wood finishes we import into North America. We wanted to re-establish our acquaintance with the owners Herr and Frau Schubert, refresh our technical understanding of these natural finishes and better appreciate the enigmas of doing business with an Eastern German company whose gaze often turns east over west. We had a rewarding visit and an opportunity to explore some of the better known secrets of Dresden where we stayed.   oli-lacke, applying finish

Applying oli-natura oil at Oli-Lacke

Dresden hosts the must-see Christmas Markets of Eastern Germany. Here we wandered amidst the magic of the stalls in -13 degree weather, absorbing the wonders of Christmas. Many of the stands sell wooden ornaments of a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and most come from the area's rich mining history. Dresden is the largest city near the Erzgebirge, or Ore Mountains where silver and tin were discovered in the 1100’s. The discovery brought many miners to the area, who later lost their jobs as the German Peasants’ War (1520’s) and competition from abroad took their toll. Needing a new way of earning money, the miners took up woodcarving, incorporating mining symbols and religious elements into their designs. We saw the following:
Candle pyramids - In many parts of Germany, the candle pyramid (lightstock) is brought out every year to light up the room at Christmas. Two to five round wooden tiers, gradually smaller towards the top, are built onto a central rod which rotates, driven by the heat of candles rising up into a rotor at the top. On each tier there are figures connected with Christmas. The entire ornament is usually about 50 cm high, but the tallest pyramid in the world takes pride of place at the Striezelmarkt, towering a full 14m in the air.   Candle Pyramids
Candle Pyramid
Schwibbogen - Literally, this means an arch "hanging" (schweben) above you, between two walls. This candle-holder is indeed arch-shaped, representing the arched entrance to a mine hung with guiding lights; another connection to the area's mining past. Today the "candles" are often lit with electricity, and the scenes cut out of the wooden centre of the arch are not only on mining themes. At night during Advent, nearly every single window in Dresden is lit with these ornaments...and we can personally vouch for this.   Schwibbogen

Räuchermann (smoking man) - Another ornament always present at Christmas-time in Germany, the smoking man is hollowed out with a hole leading to his mouth , hung with a pipe. An incense candle is placed inside him so that he appears to smoke as it burns. There is a wide variety of variations on the smoking man, including old ladies in rocking chairs, Father Christmases, and figures representing nearly every occupation. Smoking men first appeared in the 19th century. I’ve got to say heavy incense doesn’t mix well with a heavy meal!!   nutcracker
Nutcrackers - The type of nutcracker traditionally sold here are carved and painted with a red coat and yellow pants like a soldier, probably became popular world-wide thanks to Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite”. The first wood turner to carve the ornaments in this form, Wilhelm Friedrich Füchtner from the Ore Mountains is said to have been inspired by the nutcracker in the story book Tchaikovsky's ballet came from.
With only one full day in Dresden, Jan and I had to choose wisely what to see and do, however, the weather actually forced our decisions. And to give my freezing feet a respite from the cold, we decided to visit the Zwinger Museum – Old Masters Picture Gallery. Featuring top-class masterworks from the 15th to the 18th centuries, we found both the lighting and the subject matter a little dark for our taste but there is no denying this is a fabulous collection. My personal favourite was Johannes Vemeer’s “Girl reading a Letter at an Open Window”, c. 1659. Getting back to my vague theme of 'wood', there were many fine examples of oil on wood panels.  
Zwinger Museum
With 63% of the city being green areas and forests, we cannot imagine a lovelier setting than that of dining al fresco on the terraces of the Italienisches Dörfchen along the Elbe River. Also intriguing is the Dresden Heathland ("Dresdner Heide") in the north of Dresden; a cohesive forest of 50 km² in size. The protected gardens, parkways, parks and old graveyards host 110 natural monuments in the city. The Dresden Elbe Valley was a world heritage site which focused on the conservation of the cultural landscape. Unfortunately, due to the building of a four-lane bridge in the heart of the cultural landscape which meant that the property failed to keep its "outstanding universal value as inscribed", it was removed from UNESCO’s World Heritage List on June 25, 2009.   elbe Valley
Elbe River from the Frauenkirche
Jan and I have decided that Dresden in the summer is a must-do in the future.

For more pictures of our trip related to this article visit our picture gallery
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