“Despite the forecast, live like it's spring.” 

― Lilly Pulitzer


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Ove in 1957

Far and Away

submitted by Ove Tellerup Nielsen, circa 1957

The wood forms were held together with steel roads and large nuts.  Very hard to see but my pocket holds a measuring stick as we did not have measuring tapes like here in Canada.  The lumber came from Sweden by the thousands of board feet.

John and Phyllis' trip

From There and Back

A Journey by John and Phyllis Wrobel. [...]Read more

BC Home & Garden Show

BC Home & Garden Show

Deemed a great success this year! See the photos

Ralph Godson 1919-2013

From Air to Water

In Memoriam

My father (1919-2013) was born with salt water in his veins.  Boats were it for him.  And although not formally trained as a naval architect he was a self-taught boat designer and member of the Society of Small Craft Designers.  My childhood holds memories of him spending long evenings – night after night – hunched over his drafting table deep in the dungeon of our basement. [...]Read More

Danny's window sill replacement

Danny's Old House

Window Sill Replacement

The saga continues with the work on Danny's old house.

Jan's Day Off Shop tool display

Jan's Day Off: Tool Display

Shelley isn't always the beneficiary of Jan's Day Off projects.  He's been fancying up the Hand-Tool Shop Area for the milling 'boys' with new router bit shelves.  It's developed into such a great work space, that sometimes they just don't want to go home at the end of the day.[...]

West Wind's lesser known species

Taking the “Lesser” out of Our Lesser-Known Species (LKS)

Let’s agree that the term lesser-known species (LKS) describes species whose regional forest potential is greater than its current use.  As a renewable natural resource, tropical forests are unique.  The problem is in the utilization of such a varied and variable mixture of wood species. [...]Read More


Customer Projects

Attend the Richmond Carvers Show

David Phillips of the Richmond Carvers Society would like us to remind all our talented wood carver customers about their upcoming show on May 30th & 31st! www.richmondcarvers.com

Apron Nesting Tables

Apron Nesting Tables 
By Paul Miller 

Plywood Sailboat

Plywood Sailboat
By Mike Evans

Glennifer motor yacht

Motor Yacht Glennifer
by Tom Burnett

live edge afrormosia

New Arrivals

  • 4/4 Tennessee Aromatic Cedar
  • 4/4, 12/4 Qtr Sapele Mahogany
  • ½” A-1 Cherry plywood
  • ½’ A-1 VG Fir plywood
  • 2” Clear VG Cedar Boat Lumber
  • 8/4” Mappa Burl
  • 4/4, 8/4 Katalox

Forest Facts

Poor Man’s Moisture Meter

No special equipment required to determine if a block of wood has reached ‘equilibrium’ with the ambient moisture content; an ordinary bathroom scale will do.  Simply weigh the wood when it’s green and mark it with the date and weight.  Weigh and mark it again several months later and repeat the periodic weigh-ins until the weight stabilizes.  At that point the wood will have attained approximately the same moisture content as the environment it is in.  Voila!