"The wit makes fun of other persons; the satirist makes fun of the world; the humorist makes fun of himself."

James Grover Thurber
1894 - 1961


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Kitchen for a home in the Kerrisdale Neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC
 submitted by Ove Tellerup Nielsen, circa 1970

kerrisdale kitchen in 1970
lunch and learn with West Wind

Factory Tour – April 30, 2015

Exploring BC’s Millwork Industry: Beyond the Basics
Seminars, Demo’s and Factory Tour for the Vancouver Island Chapter of Architects

Partnered with Roy Manion, Manager, Specifiers Program of the BC Wood Specialties Group
Hosted by West Wind Hardwood Inc
Driven by Joel Radford and Shelley Nielsen
Attended by 25 Architects and Designers from Southern Vancouver Island

This was both a challenge and a hoot for us.  We’d never considered offering an on-site learning opportunity until Roy approached us.  He nurtured us; coddled us; encouraged us. And it was a success, as born witness by this excerpt from the Vancouver Island Chapter of Architects’ Newsletter………  

Last week’s BC Wood – West Wind Hardwood Inc., sponsored Lunch was very well presented and very well attended. West Wind treated the Group to in depth information regarding species of hardwood, the history, where they are found, and their uses, cutting and finishing techniques and on and on. Thank you to BC Wood and West Wind Hardwood. A display of 12 species of hardwood formed part of an exciting competition. First three to name the most species each won a bottle of wine. Only one of the 35 attendees (Lawrie Keogh ID) got all 12 correct, second and third places were also won by ID’s (Architects “Where Art Thou” : )”

Building Bee Houses


To Bee or Not to Bee

Forget bird houses, these days it’s all about the bees; mason bees to be precise.  We’ve all heard of the decline in honeybees and habitat loss but at $1+ per cocoon, we’ve hesitated and our fruit trees seem to produce just fine. [...] Read More


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Tyler Strank

Parkland Secondary Work Experience Student!


Hayden Bolduc

After School Employee

Master Bedroom Renovation


Master bedroom reno by our milling manager Danny. [...]

For Sale Acorn Dinghy


10ft Lapstrake Acorn Dinghy with Oars. Asking $2500 or trade. [...]





Watch for the June issue of Seaside Magazine (Sidney, BC) where a recycled Douglas-fir floor we provided will be highlighted!

drying racks

Poetic Justice – an innovative idea by Bruce Obee of North Saanich.

customer's creative layout

The Project Layup – Another great idea from a talented Customer!

sailboat by Roy Morford

Roy Morford built this beauty with our marine ply (meranti) See More



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  • OLI-NATURA shipment arriving!
  • Ipe Decking 1x4, 5/4x6
  • 19mm Bamboo sheets
  • 4/4 Rustic Alder
  • 1" Hardwood Dowels


Made popular in 1971 by singer-songwriter Van Morrison, the title derives from a rare, much sought after honey produced from the tupelo gum tree; genus Nyssa.  Not surprisingly, this genus name refers to a Greek water nymph and the name tupelo derives from the Seminole words ito ”tree” and opilwa “swamp”. And if you know your carving woods, you’ll know that these trees grow profusely along river swamps; thoroughly enjoying a good flooding.