Did you know the average adult chuckles 17 times a day, while the average six-year-old laughs 300 times in the same period?

"When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him."
  - Thomas Szasz


This Month's Winner:

Congrats James McQuade from JSM Handcrafted Furniture on your $10 gift Certificate!

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Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Check out our updated Culinary Pages on our website for Dining and Entertaining; whether for your home or for larger commercial venues, we can help outfit the kitchen, the dining room, the outdoor patio.  We hope our collection will inspire all aspects of cooking, dining and feasting. Watch for our Home and Garden Updates coming soon!


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Lie-Nielsen Workshop Update

A sad statement of economic times, but we've just been notified that Lie-Nielsen will be bringing their Hand Tool Event to the Island every 2nd year now. Vancouver will be hosting the 2015 event.  Location and Date TBA.

Charcuterie Board tips

Charcuterie Tips to Impress!

We've curated some great tips for making your charcuterie display a success when entertaining this holiday season! Get the Tips


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UBC Sailbot - Status Update!

These have been busy bees adding new team members as they complete more challenging design and build tasks. Check out their latest newsletter to read all about the exciting year ahead for them! We were pleased to sponsor them last with with a donation of product, we'll see what this year brings.


For Sale:

Red Cedar Table Top - $900:

Custom 60″ round clear table top. Includes an oil finish. 
Contact us (1-800-667-2275) if you are interested!


Jan's Day Off:

The Ipe Bench

This month Jan decided to build a place to rest. The finished product sits outside the office. Here's some photos from the project: [...]

wood bathtub by Unique Wood Design

Bath by Unique Wood Design for a hotel project by Buildinvest, France.

Traditional Japanese Baths

I shattered the ice
to draw water --
no matter, this morning
frozen just as solid.

- Otagaki Rengetsu (tr. by John Stevens)

The ritual of bathing as a means of relaxing and warming is sublime.  Made more so if performed in the outdoors with an outdoor shower for the pre-rinse.  On a crisp, chill morning the experience is humbling.

The Japanese bath or more politely the ofuro (お風呂) specifically a short, steep-sided wooden tub calls to Jan and I.  In fact 26 years ago when we built our current home, we purchased all the plumbing for the master bathroom; only to discover years later a jacuzzi tub would’t be for us.  We sold it - unused with the original stickers - to someone building a house on Protection Island (Nanaimo, BC).  Sayōnara and Good bye; better them than us.  And since then, Jan has set his sight on a soaking tub in the floor - as step down into.  Baths of this type are found all over Japan in houses, apartments and traditional Japanese inns. [...]

Customer Projects

Customer Projects

by Eric Letham

Herbert is a Sam Devlin designed Candlefish 16 built out of Joubert marine mahogany using the stitch and glue method. Powered by a 20 horse outboard, it moves along nicely with two to three adults and a load of camping and fishing gear. The boat calls Shuswap Lake home, but has spent some time on the Pacific as well, chasing salmon and scenery. [See More]

cherry table

Cherry Table

This Cherry and Maple table was built by David Lye as a gift for his sister-in-law.

yew table

Yew Table

A yew and jatoba dining room table and a sliding door cabinet all done by Peter Hinton.

bamboo table

Bamboo Table

Made from 1 1/2 inch vertical grain bamboo and chestnut shells. By Bill Thomson.

yellow cedar carving blocks

New Arrivals

  • 4/4 Black Walnut #1 Common
  • 4/4 Cherry #1 Common
  • 8/4 Ash
  • 8/4 Purple Heart
  • 4/4 Basswood
  • 8/4 Alder
  • 4/4 Poplar
  • 4/4, 6/4, 8/4 Sapele Mahogany (qtrd)
  • 4/4 Lacewood
  • Tupelo carving blocks - 100 pcs.

Forest Facts


In the battle to save Asian forests, disposable chopsticks have long been a target for environmentalists. Last year, China exported over 10,000 tonnes of them and manufactures 80-billion pairs each year. For that, 20-million trees, mainly bamboo, birch and poplar, are chopped down. When the government imposed a 5% tax on throwaways, few people paid attention when the factory price of a pair is about one-third of a US cent. Some campaigners are now turning to the health dangers in using throwaway chopsticks which in small-town workshops are typically bleached in hydrogen peroxide, polished with paraffin and treated with sulphur dioxide.