A Little Wood-spiration

We have been involved in a lot of wonderful wood related projects over the years. This is where we are able to show off those projects, products and just plain cool items we bring in.

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Food & Culinary
Live Edge
Unique Wood
  • yew coasters, oiled
  • yew coasters
    yew coasters, pre-oiled
  • tigerwood custom stair nosing
    tigerwood nosing
  • tigerwood stair nosing
    tigerwood nosing
  • walnut live edge table top
    walnut live edge countertop
  • walnut/wenge Live Edge Countertop
  • oyster serving board
  • butcher block countertop
    4 Inch Thick Butcher Block
  • sapele cap rails
    sapele cap rails
  • s4s recycled fir
    s4s recycled fir
  • live edge fir baseboard
    Live Edge Fir Baseboard
  • Stained Big Leaf Maple Blocks
  • Sandwich Boards
  • Live Edge Maple Serving Boards
  • Live edge countertops
  • walnut steak serving boards
    Walnut Steak Boards
  • walnut pizza serving boards
    walnut pizza boards
  • walnut charcuterie boards
  • Round Paddle Boards
  • coffee and croissant server
  • cherry beer paddles
    cherry beer paddles
  • cedar wine & appetizer server
  • blue stain pine menu boards
  • black walnut countertops
  • 3pc walnut live edge table top
  • Big Leaf Maple Pizza Paddles
  • willow slab
    willow slab
  • Fir Flooring
  • serving board samples
    serving board examples
  • Paddle Vs. Regular
  • round serving boards
    Round Food Serving Trays
  • Stained Sample Menus
  • live edge menu boards
  • Cherry Planks - Maple Live Edge
  • european beech countertops with stain
    Stained Beech countertop
  • Beech countertop with stain
  • culinary wood products
    various sizes and shapes!
  • wood serving boards
    Stacked Serving Boards
  • eastern maple countertop
    Custom Countertop
  • Maple Serving Boards
  • live edge serving paddles
    Western Maple Live Edge Paddle
  • wooden sushi boards
    Sushi Serving Boards
  • round pizza serving boards
    Pizza Plates with Handle
  • live edge serving boards
    Live Edge Serving Boards
  • Rustic Cherry Flooring
  • hickory flooring
    Hickory Flooring
  • Red Oak Flooring
  • 28ft fir counter
  • white oak stair treads
    white oak treads
  • 12x12 cut fir timbers
  • shoe shine kits
  • fir stair treads
    fir-stair treads
  • pizza trays
  • Black Walnut steak boards
  • cherry menu holder with logo
    cherry menu holder with logo
  • burger serving paddles
    burger serving paddles
  • Live Edge 14ft Countertop
  • Grooved Serving Boards
  • Custom Bartop
  • custom bar top
    Custom Bar Top
  • maple sandwich boards
    Sandwich Boards
  • Black Walnut
  • Ipe Outdoor Shower Wall
    Ipe Outdoor Shower Wall
  • Ipe Deck
    Ipe Deck
  • Ipe Deck Tiles
    Ipe Deck Tiles
  • ipe grooved decking
    Ipe decking
  • Ipe Trellis
    An Ipe Trellis
  • Ipe
  • Ipe Deck Lumber
    Ipe Deck Lumber
  • Ipe Bench
  • Ipe handrails
  • hickory stair posts
    Flooring, Treads and Posts
  • alder crown moulding
    Crown Moulding
  • jatoba stair treads
    jatoba stair treads
  • Countertop
  • Live Edge Countertop
  • Food Display Trays
  • Charcuterie Boards
  • basswood block
    4 inch basswood cube
  • Butcher Block
  • Butcher Block Countertop
  • Ipe bench parts
  • maple serving boards
    maple serving platters
  • round pizza serving trays
  • wenge stained menu boards
  • maple serving plates
    maple serving plates
  • Stained Taco Boards
    Stained Taco Boards
  • maple stained in wenge
    maple stained in wenge
  • Serving Paddles
    Serving Paddles
  • Serving Paddles
  • Sandwich Plates
    Sandwich Plates
  • Mini Menu Boards
    Mini Menu Boards
  • engraved serving paddles
    Engraved Serving Paddles
  • wood beer totes
    Beer Totes
  • wood beer totes
    beer totes
  • beer tote
    beer totes
  • cheese platters
    brie cheese platters
  • charcuterie board
    Live edge charcuterie board
  • charcuterie display
    Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board
  • charcuterie board
    A Thanksgiving Charcuterie feast
  • wood serving boards
    cherry serving boards
  • cherry wood serving boards
    cherry sandwich boards
  • cherry wood steak boards
    cherry steak boards
  • cherry wood steak boards
    cherry steak boards
  • cherry wood steak boards
    cherry steak boards
  • cherry wood steak serving boards
    Cherry Steak Boards
  • black walnut pizza rounds
    black walnut pizza rounds
  • black walnut pizza trays
    black walnut pizza rounds
  • beer totes
    beer totes
  • wooden garlic crushers
    wood garlic crushers
  • grilling salmon on cedar plank
    Cedar Grilling Planks
  • shaped butcher block
    Irregular Butcher Block
  • shaped butcher block
    Irregular Butcher Block
  • Padouk western maple charcuterie
    Layered Charcuterie Board
  • Padouk western maple charcuterie
    Layered Charcuterie
  • live edge wood serving boards
    live edge maple serving boards
  • live edge wood serving boards
    live edge maple boards
  • live edge wood serving boards
    Live edge maple serving boards
  • Maple menu boards oiled with teak stain
    Maple Menu Boards
  • Black Walnut live edge slabs
    Black Walnut
  • redwood live edge slabs
    figured redwood
  • western maple live edge slabs
    Western Maple
  • yellow cedar live edge slabs
    yellow cedar
  • douglas fir live edge slabs
  • yew live edge slabs
  • Ipe Benches
  • Red Elm
  • mappa burls
    Mappa Burl
  • Ipe Deck
  • zebrawood menu boards
  • yellow cedar flooring
    yellow cedar Stanford

Show Us Your Talent

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